The Fruit of Evolution Episode 5 Countdown, Release Time, Spoilers, Where to watch?

The Fruit of Evolution Episode 5 is coming out this Sunday at its respected time slot. The fantasy anime is based on the Japanese light novel series of the same name written by Miku and illustrated by U35. It follows an ugly fat guy named Seiichi Hiiragi who always gets insulted and bullied by his classmates. His social status is very poor in school but one day an unheard voice of God transports him to a fantasy world along with his whole school where Seiichi Hiiragi ate the fruit of evolution that completely changed his life. The light novel series began serialization online Jan 2014 on Shosetsuka ni Naro and later acquired by Futabasha in Sep 2014.

The Fruit of Evolution Episode 5 Release Date and Time

The Fruit of Evolution Episode 5 titled ‘Distressed Bride’ is set to premiere on 1 Nov 2021 at 02:30 PM EDT on Crunchyroll inside the United States and at 10:30 PM JST on AT-X inside Japan. There will be a total of 12 episodes in this season. New episodes are airing every Mondays.

The Fruit of Evolution episode 5 release date countdown

Crunchyroll timings will be different for distinct regions worldwide as:

  • Pacific Time: 11:30 AM PT(Nov 1)
  • Central Time: 01:30 PM CT(Nov 1)
  • Eastern Time: 02:30 PM EDT(Nov 1)
  • British Time(for UK viewers): 07:30 PM BST(Nov 1)
  • Indian Time: 12:00 AM IST(Nov 2)
  • Australian Time: 05:30 AM AEDT(Nov 2)

The Fruit of Evolution Episode 4 Recap

In The Fruit of Evolution Ep 4, Seiichi and Saria were giving the exams and Altria San was their supervisor. The task was to bring 10 common herbs and Saria passed the exam easily but all the plants that Seiichi discovered were the rare ones. So, he realized that his luck has been multiplied for real after the end of his bullied life. Moreover, when some pawns of dragon king try to kill him, he completely outshines them with his skill and eventually all those intruders run away.

The Fruit of Evolution Anime Episode 4 recap full episode

For the final test, the group go outside the city but Altria found that someone has summoned a transportation spell and the trio gets teleported in the dragon king castle. Altria gifted Seiichi a guiding stone which turned red when any of his teammates is in danger. The stone finally turned red and guides Seiichi and her partner to Altria who was fighting with dragon king and about to be finished.

The Fruit of Evolution Episode 5 Spoilers

The Fruit of Evolution Episode 5 summary shows that Seiichi will have an intense against Black Dragon God who nearly kills adventurer Altria. He will probably defeat the Black Dragon God and destroy his dungeon along with saving the life of beautiful Altria-san. Seiichi and Saria will be officially accepted as the guild members and will enjoy their first party.

Moreover, Altria doesn’t seem to bring more threat anymore to the person she feels close to. The country guard on the gate also hints that she is a kind woman who doesn’t want to harm anyone but her bad luck influences the other person. However, in case of Seiichi, the calamity doesn’t seem to happen as the protagonist has a special skill of Luck gifted by God.

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