The Fruit of Evolution Episode 11 Release Date and Time, Countdown, Spoilers, English Sub

The Fruit of Evolution episode 11 titled Monsters vs The Strongest Guild will show a huge fight between demons and Seiichi’s guild. Instead of fighting with full power, Seiichi’s friends will do ridiculous things in the battlefield and have fun while fighting. Yoshiaki Okumara is directing the anime at Children’s Playground Entertainment and Feel whereas Hotline studios is in charge of the production. Character designing for the U35’s illustrations is done by Minami Eda, music is given by Hifumi Inc. The anime is licensed under Crunchyroll worldwide while TV Tokyo, BS-TV Tokyo and AT-X remains the original streaming networks in Japan.

The Fruit of Evolution Episode 11 Release Date Countdown

The Fruit of Evolution Episode 11 is set to premiere on Monday, 13 Dec 2021 at 2:30 PM ET on Crunchyroll inside the United States whereas at 10:30 PM JST on AT-X for viewers in Japan. There will be a total of 12 episodes in this season with an average running time of 24 minutes.

New episodes are releasing on Mondays every week at its scheduled time. The Fruit of Evolution: Before I Knew It, My Life Had It Made ep 11 release time will be different for distinct regions worldwide, so the release date countdown is as follows:

Pacific Time: 11:30 AM PT(13 Dec)
Central Time: 01:30 PM CT(13 Dec)
Eastern Time: 02:30 PM ET(13 Dec)
British Time(for UK viewers): 07:30 PM BST(13 Dec)
Indian Time: 1:00 AM IST(13 Dec)
Australian Time: 05:30 AM AEDT(14 Dec)

Episode 10 Recap

Episode 10 begins with Lorna interrogating the captured assassin with the help of delicious smell but Seiichi interrupted her and called her a devil. Louise explains that the orc girl is wearing a subordinate collar and whoever wearing this cannot disobey any orders of the caster. Probably, the caster has ordered her to assassinate Mr. Lanse, Your Majesty. Seiichi broke the collar and free the girl who tells her backstory.

The Fruit of Evolution episode 10 recap

The little girl tells that her name as Origa Carmelia and revealed that Kaiser Empire has been persecuting them. Young orcs were sent to special institutions for hard training in which only few survived till the end and become a assassin like her. The remaining ones become serial killers who has claimed several lives and she is also one of them, that’s why she become sad on getting normal but Seiichi assures her by calling that it was not her fault. Finally, Louise leaves for the protection of their territory because demons near the border are becoming more active.

The Fruit of Evolution Episode 11 Spoilers

The Fruit of Evolution Episode 11 will be the beginning of a fierce battle between the monsters and the strongest guild members. Finally, we get to see all the guild members of Seiichi in action. It will be interesting to see how seniors will handle the whole situation, Lulune, Altria, and Saria will probably won the battle one sided. Whatever happen there will be fun.

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