The Fall of Minneapolis documentary Where to watch online?

The Fall of Minneapolis is a controversial new documentary film that delves into the arrest and death of George Floyd in 2020, the subsequent protests and riots, and the trials of the officers involved.

It features extensive interviews with key figures, including former Minneapolis police officers Derek Chauvin and J. Alexander Kueng, who provide their perspective on the events for the first time.

The documentary calls into question many of the accepted facts around Floyd’s death and makes the case that the public was misled by politicians, the media, and activist groups about what really happened.

On the controversial side, the film contains provocative claims that are likely to draw strong reactions from both sides but the real question, where can you stream it? Many great documentaries were released in 2022, so make sure to check them out too if you love documentation.

Is The Fall of Minneapolis documentary on Netflix?

No, the docufilm is not available to stream on Netflix right now and also isn’t expected to arrive on Netlflix in the near future because the distribution rights are owned by some other network.

The Fall of Minneapolis netflix

But there are so many good crime documentaries on Netflix that you can watch with your Netflix subscription like Girl in the Picture, Sins of our Mother, The Keepers, The Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker, State of Alabama vs Brittany Smith, Exposed The Ghost Train Fire, etc.

Does Amazon Prime have the Minneapolis documentary?

Prime Video subscribers will be disappointed to learn that the most-discussed docufilm is not covered in the regular Prime Video subsription but you don’t even need to visit any streaming network to watch this new film based on the afternath of George Floyd’s death in Minnesota.

Where to watch The Fall of Minneapolis documentary?

You can watch “The Fall of Minneapolis” for free exclusively on the official film website inside the United States. The crowdfunded documentary promises to shake up perceptions of the George Floyd case and the events that followed.

The Fall of Minneapolis where to watch
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  • Derek Chauvin
  • Scott Creighton
  • Tom Haney
  • Carolyn Pawlenty
  • Kim Voss
  • Darrin Waletzki
  • Tim Hanks
  • Lindsay Herron
  • Rich Walker
  • Joni Kueng
  • Thomas Lane
  • Jason Reimer
  • Tou Thao
  • Bill Mohrman
  • Deb Nelson
  • Al Williams
  • J. Alexander Kueng

About The Fall of Minneapolis

The film is directed by investigative journalist JC Chaix, who is expert in strategic media concerning propaganda and media hoaxes and film delves into controversial territory, exploring previously unheard perspectives and questioning the established narrative.

Supporters will view the film as an expose finally revealing the truth, while critics may see it as an attempt to rewrite history and exonerate the officers involved.

The Fall of Minneapolis will spark a heated discussion around vital issues of racial justice, police training reform, and media ethics. It is a controversial take likely to elicit praise from some and condemnation from others.

Regardless of one’s views, the film puts forward arguments that cannot be ignored and will shape the ongoing discussion of these seminal events in Minneapolis and around the nation.

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