The Chosen Season 4 Streaming Status & Release Updates

As The Chosen Season 4 theatrical re-release comes to an end, fans are eagerly waiting for news about its streaming release. Kyle Young, the show’s executive vice president of distribution and marketing, recently provided an update on the same.

The Chosen has been running since last five years, and has been listed among the most-loved American TV shows and ranked first in the list of faith-based dramas.

Though, the ratings of the historical drama series weren’t good enough in 2019, director Dallas tried his best along with the cast and crew members to improve the quality of new episodes, and eventually the series gets the breakthrough in 2022 with the release of The Chosen Season 3.

The Chosen Season 4 Streaming Platform

In an interview with Variety, Young confirmed that the team is exploring the possibility of making The Chosen Season 4 exclusive to one streaming platform.

The Chosen Season 4 streaming release date and time
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He said,

“That is something we’re exploring. As we’ve adapted our distribution model, we can see that there’s huge appetite for the show on partner platforms. But a non-exclusive licensed series is not going to get a lot of promotion on the platform, because they don’t own it, and it’s on other people’s platforms. We’ll see where we go.”

The Chosen’s Free Streaming Option

Unlike other shows, The Chosen aims to be accessible to as many viewers as possible. That’s why all three seasons are currently available for free streaming on The Chosen app.

However, to reach a broader audience, Season 3 was also released on various platforms like Netflix, Peacock, and Amazon Prime Video, as well as being broadcast on The CW.

Young mentioned that while the distribution model might change for Season 4 and beyond, “there will always be some kind of free component” via The Chosen app.

The Chosen Season 4 Release Timeline

Due to legal matters, the streaming release of The Chosen Season 4 was delayed. To cater to the audience’s demand, the show returned to theaters for a marathon event timed to the Easter holiday and at discounted rates.

Once the theatrical distribution concludes and legal matters are resolved, Season 4 will first drop on The Chosen app, followed by a home video release and then a release on third-party broadcast and streamer outlets.

The Chosen is a one-of-a-kind show, funded by fans. It’ll be interesting to see how they keep things going in the future. We’ll have to wait and see which streaming deal works best for them!

The Chosen Season 4 Cast

Jonathan Roumie portrays Jesus, while Elizabeth Tabish portrays the complex character of Mary Magdalene. Other cast members include:

  • Shahar Isaac as Simon Peter
  • Paras Patel as Matthew
  • Noah James as Andrew
  • George H. Xanthis as John
  • Abe Bueno-Jallad as Big James
  • Jordan Walker Ross as Little James
  • Giavani Cairo as Thaddeus
  • Joey Vahedi as Thomas
  • Alaa Safi as Simon the Zealot
  • Austin Reed Alleman as Nathanael
  • Reza Diako as Philip
  • Elijah Alexander as Atticus
  • Brandon Potter as Quintus
  • Aalok Mehta as Barnaby
  • Demetrius Troy as Lazarus
  • Vanessa Benavente as Mother Mary
  • Luke Dimyan as Judas
  • David Amito as John the Baptist
  • Paul Ben-Victor as King Herod
  • Alessandro Colla as Jairus
  • Wasim No’mani as Yanni
  • Anne Beyer as Shula
  • Yasmine Al-Bustami as Ramah
  • Lara Silva as Eden
  • Nick Shakoour as Zebedee
  • Ivan Jasso as Yussif
  • Shaan Sharma as Shmuel
  • Kirk B.R. Woller as Gaius
  • Amber Shana Williams as Tamar

About The Chosen

The Chosen is a multi-season drama following the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Directed by Dallas Jenkins, the show has already released four seasons, with the first premiering in December 2017. Each season offers a fresh look at the stories from the Gospels, bringing them to life with a talented cast.

The Chosen Season 4 is currently playing in select theaters.

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