Tell It Like a Woman Where to Watch? Where’s the movie streaming for Free?

Tell It Like a Woman is the collection of seven short stories featuring women as the main characters.

The purpose of making the film was to highlight the personal struggles, determination, and challenges faced by a woman and it seems that the film was succeeded in achieving their targets.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you heard the word woman: a struggler, caring person, mother, daughter, or life partner? The meanings can be different for different individuals.

Matt Welsh from The Daily Wire decided to discover the real meaning of woman and asked the same question from people of different of whole LGBTQ+ community.

After months of researching, Matt released What is a Woman documentary that become one of the best docufilms of 2022 and garnered a lot of attention. That was for Matt but where can you watch Tell It Like a Woman in 2023, let’s check out.

Is Tell it Like a Woman on Netflix?

No, the American Italian film was never a part of Netflix subscription and still, the movie is not available to stream via Netflix.

Tell It Like a Woman Netflix

But if you want to watch something where women are in the lead roles, then there are various movies that I’ll recommend you to watch.

There are various films like Someone Great, Jane The Virgin, Perfect Match 2, Enola Holmes, Rhythm and Flow, Cruel Insruction, Outlander, The Queen’s Gambit, Mind Your Manners, Hidden Figures, Christmas in Canaan, Otherhood, Firefly Lane, Unicorn Wars, etc. that have a female lead cast.

Is Tell it Like a Woman on Amazon Prime?

Yes, the anthology film has started streaming on Amazon Prime Video in 2023. The movie is exclusively streaming for subscribers so, you will need a valid Prime Video subscription to start watching this wonderful film.

You can also watch numerous other similar movies like Soft & Quiet, Meagen Leavey, Wonder Woman, Frozen 3, A League of Their Own, The Blind Side, Erin Brockovich, etc. with the same Prime Video subscription.

Where to watch Tell It Like A Woman?

The movie is now streaming on Prime Video and Hoopla inside the United States. You can simply visit the Hoopla Digital website to watch the movie for Free or you can purchase it on VOD platforms like Google Play, Prime Video, and VUDU since Feb 2023.

Margherita Buy as Diana in Tell It Like a Woman
Image via Amazon Prime Video

Cast of Tell It Like a Woman

  • Cara Delevingne as Validation
  • Danielle Pinnock as Debra
  • Leonor Varela as Tala
  • Eva Longoria as Ana
  • Margherita Buy as Diana
  • Jennifer Hudson as Kim Carter / Pepcy
  • Pauletta Washington as Laurie Traynor
  • Jacqueline Fernandez as Divya
  • Naté Jones as Evelyn
  • Alex Bentley as Javi
  • Marcia Gay Harden as Dr. Partovi
  • Jesse Garcia as Johnny
  • Katie McGovern as Teresa
  • Anne Watanabe as Yuki
  • Ayesha Harris as Phyllis
  • Katia Gomez as Maricela Lopez
  • Brandon Win as Jack
  • Jennifer Ulrich as Greta
  • Gabriel Ellis as Ray
  • Jasmine Luv as Tamika
  • Freddy Drabble as Tony
  • Iacopo Ricciotti as Edoardo
  • Anjali Lama as Anjali
  • Andrea Vergoni as Marco

About the Movie

The movie follows is made up of seven short stories with each story focusing on a different woman as the main character.

Directed by Silvia Carobbio, Catherine Hardwicke, Leena Yadav Taraji P. Henson, Mipo Oh, Lucía Puenzo, and Maria Sole Tognazzi from the scripts of Krupa De, Shantanu Sagara, and Leena Yadav, the anthology film aims to inspire and empower audiences through real-life stories of determination and resilience.

Lucsas Akoskin, Monica Bacardi, Chaiara Tilesi, and Andrea Lervolino have produced the film with Lervolino Entertainment and We Do It Together Productions while the distribution is done by Samuel Goldwyn Films.

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