Surviving Uvalde documentary where to watch?

Surviving Uvalde documentary where to watch: On 25 May 2022, a coward murdered 19 children and 2 school teachers in Uvalde city, Texas. One year has been passed since the incident, but there is still an environment of horror.

Various media houses including ABC, CBS, and CNN are planning to release a documentary to recollect the memories of this terrible incident and interviewing the courageous survivors.

A documentary has been already released with the title 77 Minutes: Surviving the Uvalde Mass Shooting on Amazon. It is about in-depth dialogue with the brave children who survived the open shooting. Let’s find out the streaming options where you can watch this movie.

Is Surviving Uvalde documentary on Netflix?

Surviving Uvalde documentary Netflix

No, you cannot watch the Uvalde shooting documentary on Netflix but you can watch other powerful documentaries like 137 Shots, Catching Killers, Unsolved Mysteries, Why Did you kill me, Worst Roommate Ever, 22 July, The Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes, Trust No One, Murder to Mercy, Lessons from a School Shooting, or ReMastered: Who Shot the Sheriff on Netflix.

Is Uvade documentary on CNN?

Yes, CNN has also covered the incident in its own documentary but CNN is not the only network where Surviving Uvalde documentary is streaming right now. There are other networks like Amazon Prime and ABC, they have also released their own coverage separately on their streaming networks.

Each documentary will provide you a different experience but the purpose of all documentaries is similar, to showcase the brave hearts and remember the victims of the horrible shooting. CNN Uvalde documentary might be better because they are quite an expert in making docs.

Where to watch Surviving Uvalde documentary?

Surviving Uvalde documentary is streaming on Amazon Prime Video inside the United States.

Surviving Uvalde documentary where to watch

The movie has been available on the streaming platform as 77 Minutes: Surviving the Uvalde Mass Shooting since its original release on 24 May 2023 and in order to watch it, you will need a valid Prime Video subscription.

Moreover, you can watch several other films like Parkland: Inside Building 12, Newtown, We Are Columbine, American Tragedy, Stranger Fruit, Bowling for Columbine, 3 and a half minutes, Money Machine, After Parkland, Gabby Giffords, Behind the Bullet, Long Island Railroad Massacre, etc. with the same Prime Video subscription.

About Uvalde Shooting documentary

The 2023 documentary includes stories told by the child survivors for the very first time in front of general public. Six children who were wounded but lived through ordeal were assembled together for a group chat.

Producer of the docufilm revealed to CBS that they took body cam videos from law enforcement officers to make their documentation more realistic. Every Robb Elementary School student has explained those horrific 77 minutes in his/her own way.

One student told how desperate they were to call 911 but were unable to stand because of the coward bullets. The cams reveal the locations of students and teachers, where were they at the time of shooting and how they were trapped in the classroom with a gunman.

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