Kala Brown Today: Where is Todd Kohlhepp Survivor now? How was she found?

Kala Brown and her boyfriend were happily dating each other for a few months and planning their future together. Both were happy and ready to move their relationship to next level but they were lacking enough money to meet their needs.

To get an extra pay, Kayla started working as a house cleaner in a successful real estate broker named Todd Kohlhepp. But her life will going to be changed forever towards the end of August 2016. Let’s find out what exactly happened with her and where is she now?

How was Kala Brown found?

Kala was discovered when suspicious Facebook posts started to show up on her and boyfriend Charlie’s accounts on 3 Nov 2016 after 2 months of silence. The posts mentions Todd and says that the couple is married, bought a house together, and were doing great in life. All those statuses were arising suspicion in the family and led the police to track down Charlie and Brown’s cellphones.

Kala Brown found

This led investigation authorities to look through Kohlhepp’s 99 acre property where last location of Brown was noted. Authorities heard cries from inside a storage container and were forced to pierce through five locks to help the person crying inside the container.

The container was opened after 10 minute rescue operation but once it was opened, investigators were able to examine the dark prison carefully. Kala was found sitting on the floor with a chain around her neck, she was chained just like animals. When the officer asks about her boyfriend, Brown replied that Todd has shot him thrice in the chest.

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Where was Kala Brown found?

Kala Victoria Brown was found chained in the back of a 30′ by 15′ metal shipping container in 2016 according to The Greenville News. She had been charged with criminal domestic violence alongside and was released from the jail on the same day on a $2000 personal recognizance bond.

Kala Brown Now: What is her net worth today?

Today, Kala Brown is living happily in Anderson along with her husband and a daughter. She is having a net worth of around $4 Million-$5 Million as of 2021. In 2018, she received over $6 Million from Todd’s property as compensation for her damages as a result of of kidnapping and keeping her captive as slave. After that, she started a new life along with her new boyfriend and purchase some properties.

Kala Brown now

A psychiatrist declared that the woman needs a counselling session therapy to feel better and get her life on the track. However, she lost her fiance Adam Mayson in February 2019 in a suicide. Kala then decided to move on her life with another boyfriend James Moore but she was charged along with her new boyfriend on July 2019 for third-degree domestic violence.

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