Spirit Chronicles Episode 11 Release Date, Countdown, Where to Watch Seirei Gensouki Anime online?

Spirit Chronicles Episode 11 is set to release on Tuesday at it’s respected time slot without any delay. It will be about the reveal of pink girl identity and how she knows Rio name. Spirit Chronicles is a Japanese anime series animated by TMS Entertainment and directed by Osamu Yamasaki, Mitsutaka Hirota, and Megumu Sasano whose story is based on the light novel series of the same name written by Yuri Kitayama and illustrated by Riv.

It follows a boy named Rio who finds himself in an alternate world where his consciousness gets mixed with a Japanese boy named Haruto. The anime series first premiered on 6 July 2021 on TV Tokyo, AT-X, and BS Fuji and has released 10 episodes so far.

Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles Episode 11 Release Date and Time

Spirit Chronicles Episode 11 titled Silver Bride will be released on 13 September 2021 at 02:30 PM EDT on Crunchyroll inside the United States. It will also be airing on 14 September 2021 on TV Tokyo at 2:00 AM JST and AT-X, and BS Fuji inside Japan. For different regions, Crunchyroll confirmed the following timings:

  • Pacific Time: 11:30 AM PT on 13 Sep 2021
  • Central Time: 01:30 PM CT on 13 September 2021
  • Eastern Time: 02:30 PM EDT on 13 Sep 2021
  • British Time(For UK viewers): 07:30 PM BST on 13 September
  • Indian Time: 12:00 AM IST on 13 Sep 2021
  • Japanese Time: 03:30 AM JST on 14 September 2021
  • Australian Time: 04:30 AM AET on 14 Sep

Episode 10 Recap

In episode 10, we saw Rio was returned to his home in the village of People with the Spirits. He was surprised to see a mysterious girl lying next to him during the time of waking up. Latifa and the others were shocked too after seeing him with another girl, it is revealed that the girl was the one which we were speculating in the last episode. It was her bond spirit whose name is Aishia and she knows everything about him including his past as Haruto. She is as powerful as Rio.

Spirit Chronicles episode 10 recap

The portable house of Rio is finally done and he is now ready to leave the village. He promises Latifa to meet someday when he will return. On the other hand, Celia was still thinking about Rio and treasured the letter she received for him. But when Rio reaches Celia’s place, he finds her room vacant. With the help of Aishia’s powers, he figures out that Celia is getting married to Lord Charles from the House of Arbor that shocked him.

Spirit Chronicles Episode 11 Spoilers

Seirei Qensouki Episode 11 preview shows that it will be about the wedding of Lord Charles and Celia as we saw at the ending of ep 10. Celia can’t stop thinking about Rio but when Rio reached at her room, he finds no one there. Instead, he finds out that her wedding is fixed with a noble so he will try to destroy the marriage with the help of Aishia’s power and allows Celia escape from the wedding place. As we have seen in the previous episodes, Celia has reserved her feelings only for Rio and she doesn’t want to marry someone other than Rio.

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