Sexy Beasts Season 3 Release Date and Time, Countdown, Is it Renewed or Cancelled?

Reality TV lovers are waiting for Sexy Beasts season 3 after finishing the second season. The English reality TV game show produced by Bill Hobbins and Simon Welton. This is the show where people come to find loyal partners with whom they can spend their whole life. Some finds the perfect match while some doesn’t meet even closer and gets eliminated in the first round. The special part about the show is that normal human participants are transformed into a mythical beast with prosthetics and makeup. So, it targets real human emotions without any mask of physical attractiveness. Let’s find out when will season 3 of Sexy Beasts release.

Sexy Beasts Season 3 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?

Sexy Beasts Season 3 is not likely to happen as Netflix had originally signed the TV show for only 2 seasons so that the series premiered worldwide as per the reports. Moreover, no official announcement has been made regarding the renewal of the series for a third season by Netflix or Lion TV as the series doesn’t seems to be a huge success.

Sexy Beasts season 3 release date

On the other hand, there is no clear news that states we will not be able to see a third installment of Sexy Beasts. Without giving up the hope for its return, we need to wait for the official networks to open their mouth about the future plans of the show. This British show was originally premiered on BBC Three back in 2014 and a second season streaming on Netflix since 21st July 2021.

What to expect from Sexy Beasts Season 3?

Anyhow, if the show is renewed for another season then we can expect to see new group of singles who come to find a loyal partner to live a happy life. 3 suitors will remain till the end and rest of the groups who are unable to understand their partners will be eliminated. There will be two rounds, first one is speed dating and the second one is proper solo dating. Only those who remain in the game till the announcement of Sexy Beasts will won the game and rest of the participants go home.

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