Record of Ragnarok Chapter 50 Release Date and Time, Spoilers, Raw Scans, English Dub, Where to read online?

Record of Ragnarok chapter 50 is set to release on 25 July 2021 in Japan at it’s respected time slot on the official website of the manga series. Netflix has recently bring an anime adaptation of the manga series but Shuumatsu no Valkyrie anime doesn’t seem to fulfil viewers expectations. However, most of the viewers start reading the original Japanese manga instead and find it more engaging. Let’s find out when will the Ch 50 launch online and what will happen in it?

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 50 Release Date and Time

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 50 will be released on 25th of July 2021 for Japan viewers. However, international readers need to wait a lil bit longer as it takes 3-4 days to generate the English dub version of the manga. Most likely, it will be released on 30 July 2021 inside USA, Canada, and other countries.

Where can I read Record of Ragnarok?

The manga series is available to read through the official website of Record of Ragnarok and by reading the Monthly comic Zenon. It is expected to release on Viz media by the end of this year 2021.

Record of Ragnarok chapter 50 release date

Chapter 49 Recap

In the last chapter, Zero was struggling with Buddha’s incredible power but in the later scene it is revealed that Zerofuku was a God in real life who incarnated in this world to eradicate human problems. But the things didn’t go that way as God expected and that’s why he is here fighting with Buddha. The clash is really special as God and Demon lord are striking against each other, one from heaven and other from demon area.

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 50 Spoilers

This chapter is all about the mortal combat between Buddha and Hajun where Buddha is attacking on Demon lord Hajun several times but unable to hit him. Even his 8th sense prove useless in front of him. Buddha might use some divine weapon like six realms staff against the demon lord and if that doesn’t work too then he has to come up with Melee.

Most probably, Buddha will defeat the demon lord but this fight not gonna be easy and will be continued till the end of chapter. Zero will turned into a hail of blades and Buddha will use 2nd realm out of 6. Hajun might think that why he is unable to beat Buddha onto which the later advise him to love himself and take care. Then, Buddha might sent him straight to heaven as Hajun accepts his offer to attain enlightenment.

Do you know who is Beelzebub? What do you think will happen in Record of Ragnarok Chapter 50? If you know then let us know in the comments.

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