Is Solo leveling getting an anime? Here’s why Solo Leveling Anime will not happen

The manhwa fans are eagerly waiting for Solo Leveling anime adaptation after its official ending with the 179th chapter. Fans are speculating that there will be an anime version of their favorite webtoon but the truth is far away from your expectations. There are various reasons behind not creating any anime series. If it was going to happen then it happened already. No doubt, the series has a massive fanbase but the creators have their own reasons why they aren’t moving forward with the production. Let’s find out the reasons why there will be no anime of Solo Leveling.

About Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling aka Only I Level Up is an action fantasy South Korean web novel written by Chugong and illustrated by Dubu(Redice Studio). The series is published under D&C Media for Korean readers while Webnovel published the manhwa chapters for English audience.

Reasons behind no Solo Leveling anime


The series sets in a world of hunters and humans with magical abilities who must battle against the deadly monsters to protect human race from getting extinct. Out of those powerful hunters, there is a weak human named Sung JinWoo discovered himself in a never ending struggle until the day he is chosen by a mysterious program. The System blessed him with a unique ability to level up his skills far from anyone’s imagination. His journey continues as he battle different monsters and humans in the dungeon in search of his true strength and become the strongest S-Rank hunter.

Is Solo leveling getting an anime?

No, the manhwa author hasn’t revealed anything about the anime adaptation of the show. So, the chances are pretty slim, check out the reasons why.

Why is Solo Leveling Anime not happening?

The main reason why Solo Leveling is not yet adapted into an anime is because it shows Japan as the villain country. Since, most of the animation studios are Japanese, the plot is not appealing to them and they don’t like want to depict themselves as the antagonist. Although, the series hasn’t directly involved Japan in any chapter but there are some places where we can easily identify them with their culture.

Solo Leveling anime release date

Moreover, the fear of failure is another factor that worth considering when starting Solo Leveling anime because various popular webtoons like Noblesse, The God of High School, and Tower of God have already failed to entertain the anime audiences. The creator doesn’t want the same thing to happen with their series. However, when there is hope there is a way.

While the standard of this manhwa remained at the top among webtoon readers, they expect the series to be as awesome as the original visuals. So, a pressure of delivering the best illustrations is another reason that is holding the anime studios back. Fans want MAPPA or Madhouse to animate the series but they aren’t showing any interest in the webtoon adaptation.

Whatever the factors will be, they should gave it a try because millions of fans are waiting to see Sung Jin Woo in action. A visual trailer was released by D&C Media that arise the fan hopes but there was only some dust under the ropes. What do you think, will there be Solo Leveling Anime Season 1?

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