ONE PIECE E981 Airing Date and Time, Spoilers, Preview, Watch Online, English Subbed

One Piece Episode 981 will be out on this Sunday at it’s respected time slot. The Japanese anime-series is steadily heading towards its 1000th episode and hopefully, we can see the release date of the thousandth episode of this epic anime this year. Fans are really excited to see all the new episodes as the comic was started 21 years ago on 20 October 1999 and most of the manga fans are born watching Luffy’s personal journey.

ONE PIECE Episode 981 Release Date and Time

ONE PIECE Episode 981 titled “A New Member! ‘First Son of the Sea’ Jimbei!” Transcription: “Arata na Nakama! Kaikyō no Jinbē!” (Japanese: 新たな仲間!海侠のジンべエ!) is set to premiere on 4 July 2021 at 9:30 JST on Crunchyroll and Netflix Japan. You can also watch the English dubbed version of the episodes on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

Episode 980 Recap

In episode 980, Kanjuro creates ink clouds with his ability and it starts raining on the people. Momonosuke recollects the Luffy’s words to be brave and the Akazayas sacrifice. He turned his words into a powerful touchy speech. He requests the rebels to stand strong and only focus on attacking Orochi and Kaido. They will make their way anyhow and he will find some way to escape before Luffy came to save them.

One Piece episode 980 recap

After that, a Big Pirate ship starts attacking the rebels on the Samurai ships with a long range artillery. The beast pirates starts targeting the samurai ships with eagle artilleries and made them sink one after another. Suddenly, a fish-man arises from the depths of the ocean and destroyed the big beast pirate ship. To the surprise of Straw Hats Pirates, the fish-man revealed to be Jinbe who is finally arrived in Wano country.

ONE PIECE Episode 981 Spoilers

ONE PIECE Episode 981 preview shows that the rebels will invade Onigashima that is nearly impossible to penetrate and to accomplish this mission, each rebel has to put his 100% to defeat the guards of Torii gate. On the other hand, Luffy and his friends are really glad to meet their old friend Jinbe in Wano so they decide to celebrate the occasion by organizing a fest in Straw Hat Pirates. Frankie will take over the helsman of the Sunny to Jinbe.

What do you think will happen in ONE PIECE episode 981 now? How will the rebels enter into Onigashima? Watch One Piece order with no fillers here.

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