ONE PIECE Episode 980 Airing Date and Time, Spoilers, Preview, Watch Online, English Subbed

One Piece Episode 980 will be out on the last Sunday of June 2021 at it’s respected time slot. The Japanese anime-series is steadily heading towards its 1000th episode and hopefully, we can see the release date of the thousandth episode of this epic anime this year. Fans are really excited to see all the new episodes as the comic was started 21 years ago on 20 October 1999 and most of the manga fans are born watching Luffy’s personal journey.

ONE PIECE Episode 980 Release Date and Time

ONE PIECE Episode 980 titled “A Tearful Promise! The Kidnapped Momonosuke!” Transcription: “Namida no Yakusoku! Sarawareta Momonosuke” (Japanese: 涙の約束!さらわれたモモの助) is set to premiere on 27 June 2021 at 9:30 JST on Crunchyroll and Netflix Japan. You can also watch the English dubbed version of the episodes on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

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Episode 979 Recap

In episode 979, we saw Kinemon say thanks to Luffy for his arrival and confessing that he got their plans exposed. After destroying the beast pirate ships, Kyoshiro identified as Denjiro, the one in the Akazaya nine. Denjiro is one of the Kozuki Oden’s retainers who corrects that Kin’emon got confused between 2 ports and he identified Habu Port as Tokage Port. He also reveals that every samurai has safely landed on their destination with a strong total of 5400 allies for the war to invade Onigashima.

One Piece episode 979 recap

Zoro boosts the clan confidence by saying that we will make it happen, Chopper comments we can easily beat the pirates of Animal Kingdom. Law advised Luffy to don’t take step back as Big Mom is already inside Onigashima. The Samurai said that Kin’emon is the only guy who can lead the army. Meanwhile Kawamatsu is fighting with Kanjuro in attempt to save Momonosuke and finally he succeed in taking him away when Orochi plan’s failed.

ONE PIECE Episode 980 Spoilers

ONE PIECE Episode 980 preview shows that Momonosuke is kidnapped by Kanjuro(who is discovered as the insider enemy). This betrayal has left shaken the young general, he bursts into tears with a lot of anger. Now, the cheater has to be punished and that’s why Sanji is chasing Kanjuro on his way. He takes a crane photograph and goes in the sky.

One Piece episode 980 spoilers

On the other side, a massive battle will be happening between Straw Hat Pirates and Animal Kingdom Pirates. Kin’emon will come to lead Luffy and other clan members as Samurai suggested and it will be an intense fight against 5400 allies. The leader will play an important role in this fraying combat for Onigashima.

What do you think will happen in ONE PIECE episode 980? How Sanji will save Momonosuke? Watch all episodes of ONE PIECE anime in order right now.

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