Life with an Ordinary Guy Episode 7 Release Date, Preview, Spoilers, Watch Online, English Dub

Life with an Ordinary Guy is a comedy isekai anime series directed by Sayaka Yamai, written by Toshimitsu Takeuchi and produced by OLM Studio. The story is based on the Japanese manga titled Life with an Ordinary Guy who Reincarnated into a Total Fantasy Knockout which follows the story of a dull old man and his handsome best friend who are summoned to another world by a beautiful naked goddess. The original manga volumes are written by Yu Tsurusaki and illustrated by Shin Ikezawa while the music for the anime is given by Takeshi Watanabe.

Life with an Ordinary Guy Episode 7 Release Date and Time

Life with an Ordinary Guy Episode 7 titled ‘A Guy Who Reincarnated as a Fantasy Knockout and a Squid Fire‘ is set to release on 22 Feb 2022 at 12:30 PM ET on Crunchyroll inside the United States and at 24:00 JST on TV Tokyo. There will be a total of 12 episodes in this season with an average runtime of 24 minutes.

The release time for Life with an Ordinary Guy Episode 7 on Crunchyroll will vary depending on different regions:

  • Pacific Time: 09:30 AM PT(22 Feb)
  • Central Time: 11:30 AM CT(22 Feb)
  • British Time: 05:30 PM GMT(22 Feb)
  • Russian Time: 08:30 PM MSK(22 Feb)
  • Indian Time: 11:00 PM IST(22 Feb)
  • Australian Time: 04:30 AM AEDT(23 Feb)
  • New Zealand Time: 06:30 AM NZDT(23 Feb)

Where to watch Life with an Ordinary Guy manga online?

New Episodes of Life With an Ordinary Guy anime are airing on Tuesdays every week on Crunchyroll which holds the streaming rights of the series to premiere outside Japan. Medialink licensed the series in South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Oceania minus Australia and New Zealand so viewers residing in SEA and SA can watch the series on the given streaming platform. English subbed versions are available in original Japanese audio.

About With a Fogie Reincarnated as a Pretty Fantasy Girl

A 32-year old unpopular salaryman and his cool best-friend is transported to a fantasy world due to the whims of a naked goddess who is trying to change their lives. The salaryman ugly body is changed into the body of a beautiful girl with an attractive face while his friend remains the same as before. In order to get his real body, he has to defeat the great demon lord with his friend.

Episode 6 Recap

In episode 6, we saw the giant Goddess of Night emerging that let Lucius apologized for underestimating Schwartz. The night goddess revealed tha Hinata is the hero summoned by the love goddess with Jinguuji as her weapon. When asked about the weapon, Gram and he looked nervously each other replying that Vizzd has destroyed it. Moreover, Mercus demanded Hinata to marry him in order to get the hero’s fame but is beaten by Lucius.

Life With an Ordinary Guy episode 6 explained

After the goddess leaves, Mercus took the hero and his friend to his town and asked them to stay comfortably but only Schwartz agree to stay. While on the road, Hinata and Jinguuji noticed that some dacoits have kidnapped the elf Chieftain but ignored it. The duo come to a town where Hinata went missing.

In order to get some info, Jinguji interrogates the people and come through the same carriage that he saw before with Hinata. But the cart was empty this time, this prompt him to ask the driver about the incident. He learned that the town uses beautiful woman as human sacrifices. In a building, the elf chieftain tried to seduce her captor in order to free herself but another man presented Hinata and recommended her sacrifice instead.

Life with an Ordinary Guy Episode 7 Spoilers

Jinguuji will rescue Hinata Tachibana from the claws of Life with an Ordinary Guy Episode 7 but before that Hinata and Chieftain have some awkward conversations. The captor will also present a marriage proposal to Hinata as she is extremely cute and a troublemaker. The elf chieftain is not in the mood to loose from Hinata again so she will try to organize a match which will prove the stronger one. Even though, Tachibana’s beauty is unbeatable.

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