Jojo Part 9 Release Date and Main Protagonist Confirmed

Jojo Part 9 has been officially confirmed by the creators. The adventure fantasy supernatural manga series is written and illustrated by Hirohiko Araki and published under Shueisha. It is the largest Shueisha’s manga series with more than 131 volumes, the manga has been running since 1987 and has created its separate fanbase since last three decades.

Now, fans are waiting for another part after finishing the eight part of the series.

When is Jojo part 9 coming out?

Jojo Part 9 has been officially announced by the creators with the title JOJO LANDS but no exact release date is yet confirmed. The project is still in early stages of development and more information will be available soon as the creators keep on posting updates in months.

In the latest update in Aug 2021, the writer shared the anime title and revealed that the next part will be released after a short break of one year. So, the part 9 is expected to release around September 2022.

JOJO Part 9 release date

Who will be the main in JOJO Part 9 protagonist?

Emporio Alnino will be the protagonist, Shizuka Joestar will be the deuteragonist, and Dario Brando II will be the antagonist in the 9th part of JJBA manga series.

Where to read Jojo Bizarre Adventure manga?

Six parts of the Jojo Bizarre are available in English dubbed version on Viz Media but the remaining three parts aren’t yet dubbed in English, they are only available inside Japan’s Weekly Shonen Jump(1987-2004) and Ultra Jump(2005-present).

Story of JJBA Part 9

Also known as Stone Ocean, the part tells the story of Jolyne Cujoh and great granddaughter of Joseph Jetstar. The part focuses on Cujo who sends to jail for the crime he didn’t commit.

Emporio will come to help Cujo in getting out from the prison and also collect the evidences to prove him innocent. On the other hand, Dario will not spare them, he will continue to throw stones in their ways but will he succeed?

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