Is Why Women Kill on Netflix or Amazon Prime in US, UK?

Remember those times when housewives weren’t just baking cookies? Why Women Kill takes you on a wild ride with three ladies from different eras, all with secrets hotter than a July sidewalk!

There’s Beth Harmon from the picture-perfect 60s, Simone Grove from the groovy 80s, and Taylor Harding from our fancy-phone 2010s. Each got a messy situation bubbling under their perfectly pressed aprons, and let me tell you, it boils over in the best (and sometimes worst) ways.

Why Women Kill season 1 scene
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Beth’s got this creepy neighbor with a for her hubby, Simone’s stuck in a marriage colder than a popsicle, and Taylor? Well, Taylor’s got a pool full of drama, and I’m not talking about chlorine! Trust me, every episode is like a juicy gossip session with your BFFs, except way more scandalous and with killer outfits.

But here’s the bummer part: no season 3 yet! I was so pumped to see what Beth, Simone, and Taylor get up to next, but it’s like the writers shut the oven door on us just when things were getting spicy.

I guess we’ll have to keep rewatching the old seasons and daydream about what could be. Maybe Beth opens a secret detective agency, Simone rocks out a killer comeback concert, and Taylor starts a blog called “Poolside Psychos.” A girl can dream, right?

Anyways, let’s look at the streaming options.

What is Why Women Kill on Netflix?

Imagine “Desperate Housewives” meets “American Horror Story” with a dash of Agatha Christie – that’s the intoxicating cocktail that is “Why Women Kill.”

Why Women Kill netflix

Each season takes us on a journey through three different decades, exploring the lives of seemingly picture-perfect housewives whose secrets simmer beneath the surface. Betrayal, revenge, and unexpected alliances collide in a way that’s both shocking and strangely satisfying.

Even though, the series is not available on Netflix, there are many similar shows and films that you can watch with your Netflix subscription like Modern Love, Black Mirror, Rebel Moon, The Twilight Zone, Dimension 404, and Fargo series, if you love watching mutiple stories in a single series.

Where can I watch Why Women Kill Season 1?

The good news is, you don’t have to hunt down elusive VHS tapes to experience the first season’s brilliance. Season 1 of Why Women Kill is available for streaming on Paramount+ inside the United States. Grab your favorite beverage, dim the lights, and prepare to be transported to the pastel-hued suburbs where simmering tensions boil over.

Is Why Women Kill on Amazon Prime Video?

No, the dark comedy series isn’t included in the regular Prime Video subscription but you can subscribe to Paramount+ from Amazon, where you will also get a free trial if you are using their service for the first time.

You can also rent or purchase the series digitally from the content library of Amazon and if you have a subscription, you can stream other dark anthology TV shows on Amazon Prime like Them, Channel Zero, American Crime Story, Rom 104, True Detective, Soulmates, Lore, The Sinner, etc.

Did Why Women Kill get cancelled?

Yes, the show was cancelled after season 2. Though, it was initially renewed by CBS at first, but was scrapped before the beginning of production in July 2022. I am very disappointed! I wanted to see more episodes.

How can I watch Why Women Kill in the UK?

The crime anthology series is not available for streaming in UK but you can find it on rental platforms like Sky Store, Amazon, Google Play, and Apple TV. If you’re a cord-cutter or prefer on-demand options, fret not! There are ways to satisfy your craving for murderous mayhem.

Consider taking advantage of a free trial with a streaming service that offers Why Women Kill, or explore rental options on platforms like Amazon Prime Video. Just remember, once you start down the path of Pasadena there’s no turning back!

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