Is Uncanny (2015) on Netflix or Amazon Prime? Streaming Now

Uncanny is a 2015 science fiction film directed by Matthew Leutwyler and starring Mark Webber, an MIT graduate researching tirelessly from the last ten years to create an AI robot that people will confuse as a actual human being.

The film is full of twists and unexpected surprises that won’t let you leave the seat until the climax. Another thing that makes this film so interesting is that, it premered in 2015, the time when only scientists were knew about AI.

Today, with the introduction of AI bots all across the internet, everybody is aware about their capabilites and if you’re looking for a way to stream this intriguing AI movie then here are the streaming options.

Is Uncanny on Netflix?

Unfortunately, the sci-fi film is not available to stream on Netflix right now but the network does have a large selection of other sci-fi movies like Spiderhead, Oxygen, Awake, The Adam Project, Paradise, Wifelike, Infinite, etc. that you can watch if you have a Netflix subscription.

Is Mark Webber movie on Hulu?

The movie is neither included in Hulu’s regular subscription nor in network’s on-demand collection but there are other films that you can stream via Hulu like The Mill, No One will Save You, Prey, Something in the Dirt, Vesper, Edge of Tomorrow 2, Possessor, Songbird, Rise of the Planet of Apes, etc.

Is Uncanny on Amazon Prime?

Yes, the movie is available to rent/purchase on Amazon Prime Video. If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you won’t be able to stream the movie as part of your membership but you can rent or purchase it.

Just search for the movie title and you’ll be able to rent or buy it to watch instantly like other popular titles as Silent Night, High Life, Erkek Severse, M3gan, 3096 Days, Interstellar sequel, Ex Machina, etc. on the same platform.

Where to watch Uncanny 2015 movie?

Uncanny is available to stream for free on Freevee (formerly known as IMDb TV) and TUBI inside the United States. These free, ad-supported platforms allow you to watch the movie online at no cost.

Uncanny movie where to watch
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With intriguing sci-fi films like Uncanny, Freevee and TUBI offer excellent options for fans of the genre looking for an entertaining movie night.

In addition to TUBI and Freevee, you can also rent or purchase this movie on digital platforms like Vudu, iTunes, YouTube, and Google Play. The prices to rent the movie start at around $3.99, while buying it digitally usually costs $9.99 or more.

Who’s in the cast of Uncanny?

The main cast of Uncanny includes:

  • Mark Webber as David Kressen, a child prodigy, graduated MIT
  • Lucy Griffiths as Joy Andrews, a tech reporter investigating AI robots
  • David Clayton Rogers as Adam Kressen, an artificial intelligence robot
  • Rainn Wilson as Simon Castle, billionaire CEO and founder of Kestrel Computing

What is the movie about?

David Kressen is a child prodigy who graduated MIT at 19 with multiple engineering degrees.

Billionaire tech CEO Simon Castle recruits David to work on a secret project – creating Adam, an artificial intelligence indistinguishable from a real human.

For 10 years, David works tirelessly on Adam in Castle’s specialized workspace.

Reporter Joy Andrews is brought in to interview David and do a profile on his achievement. As she spends time with Adam, he seems to respond to her and exhibit emergent behaviors not originally programmed.

Joy forms a connection with the naive David as well. But as Adam continues developing in unpredictable ways, the true implications of his advanced AI become apparent.

Uncanny Movie Review

Upon release, the film received mixed reviews. Some critics praised the film’s ability to tap into inherent fears about artificial intelligence and highlight pertinent ethical concerns. However, others felt the film relied too heavily on familiar sci-fi tropes and lacked truly suspiring moments.

Most agreed the anthology structure worked well for exploring AI implications through different lenses. Performances by the main cast were also highlighted as solid across the various vignettes.

Overall, Uncanny offers some thought-provoking perspectives on the uneasy relationships between humans and machines. The creepy dread it builds around advanced AI may stick with viewers despite some narrative flaws.

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