Where was The Adam Project filmed? Full Cast Details

The Adam Project is an action adventure science fiction film directed by Shawn Levy and distributed by Netflix worldwide.

Its story is written by Jonathan Tropper, Jennifer Flackett, TS Nowlin, and Mark Levin and the production is done under Skydance Media, 21 Laps Entertainment, and Maximum Effort productions.

It stars Ryan Reynolds in the main cast who teams up with his younger version to save the future.

The Adam Project Filming Locations

Production of this film began in 2012 with Tom Cruise as the main character but the film fell into production hell until Netflix picked up its distribution rights from Paramount Pictures in July 2020.

The principal filming of the Adam Project commenced in November 2020 (THR reported) inside Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada like (Upload Season 2) and officially wrapped up on 4 March 2021. Walker posted on his social media revealing that the filming has officially concluded.

Vancouver is like heaven for film directors, this is the place known as Hollywood North due to its lucrative taxation plans that attracts lots of filmmakers.

Downtown Vancouver

Many scenes were shot in downtown Vancouver. The futuristic looking buildings and streets doubled as the future setting for parts of the movie.

Vancouver Convention Centre

The iconic Vancouver Convention Centre stood in for the headquarters of the powerful company that the villain Sorian worked for. Its modern architecture with lots of glass and steel matched the film’s vision of the future perfectly.

The Adam Project filming around Vancouver Convention Centre

Riverview Hospital

The abandoned and historic Riverview Hospital in Coquitlam was used for some of the most important time-travel scenes. Its old, rundown buildings contrasted nicely with the sleek, futuristic settings, the cast and crew loved exploring the unique, creepy location.

Stanley Park

Beautiful Stanley Park provided amazing outdoor scenes for the film. The lush forest areas were perfect for depicting the prehistoric past that the characters time traveled to.

Marine Way Market Crossing, Burnaby

Some scenes were also shot at the Marine Way Market Crossing, Burnaby, the nearby city of Vancouver. Abbie posted on her social media that she was happy working with Ryan on the set of The Adam Project.

Behind The Scenes

  • Filming among the tall trees of Stanley Park was challenging but created a magical backdrop.
  • The crew had to carefully control traffic and pedestrians during filming in thes busy areas of Downtown
  • With its mix of modern, historic, and natural settings, the Vancouver area made an excellent backdrop for this entertaining time-travel adventure movie.

The Adam Project Cast

  • Ryan Reynolds as Big Adam from 2050
  • Walker Scobell as Young Adam
  • Mark Ruffalo as Louis Reed
  • Catherine Keener as Maya Sorian
  • Ben Wilkinson as Derek (as Benjamin Wilkinson)
  • Alex Mallari Jr. as Christos
  • Braxton Bjerken as Ray
  • Jennifer Garner as Ellie Reed
  • Kasra Wong as Chuck
  • Zoe Saldana as Laura (as Zoe Saldaña)
  • Lucie Guest as Young Sorian Body Double
  • Esther Ming Li as Sophie
  • Milo Shandel as Professor
  • Ellie Harvie as Teacher
  • Isaiah Haegert as 8-year-old Adam


The movie follows a 12 year old Adam Reed(Walker Scobell) who finds a man(Ryan Reynolds) in his late father’s garage who claims to be an older version of him that has traveled back in time from 2050s. The older version of Adam also revealed that time travel will be possible in the future due to his father’s research projects.

Ryan Reynolds in The Adam Project movie

However, his partner Maya Sorian(Catherine Keener) took wrong advantage of the invention by traveling to the past in order to become the richest person of the planet by monetizing the most valued resource on Earth. That’s why he returned in the present time. This is the time to save planet from Maya.

Where to stream The Adam Project?

The Adam Project was released globally on Netflix on March 11, 2022, and is still streaming on the platform inside the United States.

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