Inventing the Christmas Prince Filming Locations, Cast, Synopsis

Inventing the Christmas Prince is the thirteenth Countdown to Christmas movie of the Hallmark Channel programming event 2022.

The rom-com holiday movie is directed by Paul Ziller from the scripts given by Kim Beyer-Johnson, and produced by Simon Richardson under Timeless Pictures. Ben C Silverman, Alexandre Coscas, and Michael R Goldstein are the executive producers.

It stars Tamera Mowry-Housley in the lead role of Shelby who is about to quit her recent job as a rocket engineer when her daughter is convinced to fall in love with the prince character that her mother has created.

Where was Inventing the Christmas Prince filmed?

Principal photography of Inventing the Christmas Prince was done in and around Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada during Sep 2022. Filming began on 5 Sep 2022 and wrapped up around 27 Sep 2022.

Kim Beyer-Johnson shared on her Instagram that she hope that people will have the same fun while watching the movie that she had while filming the movie. Hallmark cast and crew is popular for creating friendly atmosphere and that’s why a new cast member is added with a new Hallmark film.

Inventing the Christmas Prince filming locations

Canadian provinces are the favorite filming location among Hallmark creators, Vancouver is expensive but still, it is mostly used for shooting holiday movies. Directors love the working environment of the beautiful provinces and the neighbors who always co-operate with the production staff and the cast members.

Also, the lucrative taxation programs attract cinematographers. The rate of production success is pretty high in Canadian provinces like Ontario, Manitoba, and the most famous remains British Columbia. Some recent movies that were filmed in the same district are Christmas at the Golden Dragon, A Magical Christmas Village, Lights Camera Christmas, A Maple Valley Christmas, Christmas Bedtime Stories, We Need a Little Christmas, etc.

Who’s in the cast of Inventing the Christmas Prince?

Inventing the Christmas Prince cast
  • Mercedes Blanche as Rosie
  • Tamera Mowry-Housley as Shelby
  • Ronnie Rowe as Evan
  • Mark Brandon as John
  • Isabel Birch as Grace
  • Requell Jodeah as Jayne
  • Brady Droulis as Sherman
  • Dan Zukovic as George the Maitre ‘D


Shelby is a rocket engineer who is about to quit her job after her daughter is convinced that her scrooge-like boss Evan is one of the character that her mother has created years ago.

The movie is set to premiere on Friday, 18 Nov at 8 PM, 19 Dec at 10 PM, 25 Nov 2 PM ET only on Hallmark Channel.

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