Where was Everything Christmas filmed? See Hallmark Movie Locations & Cast

From the colorful Victorian architecture of downtown St. John’s to the snow-capped cliffs of a private farm, Everything Christmas transports viewers to a real-life winter wonderland.

Starring Corey Sevier and Cindy Busby in the lead roles as Carl and Lo, the holiday movie follows a christmas enthusiast Lori Jo, who embarks on a road trip with her best friend Victoria to a town where Christmas is celebrated all year round.

The movie is directed by Marni Banack and produced by Fireside Pictures in association with Johnson Production Group for the Hallmark Channel.

Whether you’re a Hallmark fan eager for the premiere or planning your own festive getaway, here’s an inside look at where the movie magic happened and how to experience it for yourself!

Everything Christmas Filming Locations

As a part of Hallmark Channel’s Countdown to Christmas programming event, Everything Christmas was filmed in St. John’s and Lester’s Farm Chalet in Newfoundland and Labrador province of Canada.

Kat Barrell posted a cozy selfie on Instagram with Cindy Busby in June 2023.

“4am vibes with @cindy_bussby 🎉✊🏼❤️,” she wrote in the caption.

Since both actresses were seen wearing Christmas pajamas in the picture, we can assume that the shooting was on, that time.

Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Newfoundland provided the perfect wintry backdrop for Everything Christmas. Principal photography took place in June 2023 after the completion of My Christmas Guide in the same place. These scenic locations helped bring the story to life onscreen.

Cindy Busby, the film’s lead recently posted a reel on her Instagram in which, she has added some behind the scene photos. She was active on her social media during the shooting and was giving updates through her stories.

“Thanks to the incredible cast and crew of @newfoundlandlabrador 🙏 it was an amazing time shooting there… and cold 😂,” she wrote.

Generally, Newfoundland has cold but not severe winters but 2023 was a wild ride. With average or slightly above-normal temperatures and below-normal snowfall, filming become very much challenging.

But the clever production team managed to overcome all the difficulties by carrying winter clothes in one while holding umbrella in the other.

St. John’s, Newfoundland

St. John’s is the capital and largest city in Newfoundland and Labrador. The vibrant port city provided a charming backdrop for many key scenes with its colorful row houses, quaint shops, and historic architecture.

Several outdoor winter scenes were shot in downtown St. John’s, allowing the city to truly become a character in the Everything Christmas movie.

Everything Christmas movie scene showing Corey Sevier stopping by to help Cindy Busby and Katherine Barrell
Courtsey of Hallmark

The scene where Lori and Vicoria car breaks down and Carl stops by, was done at Lester’s Farm Road, that leads us to our next filming location, Lester’s Farm Chalet.

Lester’s Farm Chalet, Newfoundland

Located at 92 Pearltown Rd, Lester’s Farm Chalet is a family-owned and operated resort located in the town of Lester’s Farm, about an hour’s drive from St. John’s. The resort is surrounded by stunning scenery, including mountains, forests, and lakes.

With its sprawling farmland, vineyards, and lush gardens, Lester’s Farm Chalet was the perfect backdrop for the movie’s countryside romance. The property features a traditional saltbox-style farmhouse with exposed wood beams, stone fireplaces, and cozy furnishings.

Everything Christmas filming in Lester's Farm Chalet
Courtsey of Hallmark Channel

Several indoor scenes were filmed in the chalet’s great room and dining area, which were decked out in gorgeous Christmas trees, garlands, wreaths, and other holiday trimmings.

Outdoor scenes at Lester’s Farm Chalet included romantic walks through the property’s vine-covered arbors and a charming Christmas market filled with local artisans. Everywhere the camera panned, Lester’s Farm Chalet evoked intimate holiday charm.

Can I visit Lester’s Farm?

Yes, the park is open for the public and has become a popular winter wonderland attraction among tourists. More people are coming to see the actual shooting locations and enjoy their winter holidays with family and loved ones.

Behind the Scenes

Everything Christmas was one of the three Hallmark christmas movies filmed in Newfoundland for the 2023 holidays. The province is becoming more popular than ever and according to recent tourism date, Newfoundland has drawn more number tourists than the previous year.

The cast and crew of Everything Christmas descended upon Newfoundland in June 2023 to commence filming. They spent approximately three weeks shooting on location throughout St. John’s and the surrounding region.

By filming in summer, the production team was able to capture long daylight hours while avoiding the bitter Canadian winter. Their timing allowed them to film all the magical Christmas scenes under perfect weather conditions.

Meet the cast of Everything Christmas

  • Corey Sevier as Carl
  • Cindy Busby as Lori Jo
  • Katherine Barrell as Tori
  • Andrew Halliday as Randy

The owner of Lester’s farm Jim Lester has also made his acting debut through this heartwarming Christmas movie, Saltwire reported.

Where can I watch Everything Christmas?

Everything Christmas premieres on the Hallmark Channel on the following dates inside the United States and Canada:

  • Nov 10 at 8/7c
  • Nov 11 at 6/5c
  • Nov 19 at 2/1c
  • Nov 22 at 10/9c
  • Dec 3 at 2a/1c
  • Dec 8 at 10/9c
  • Dec 13 at 12a/11c
  • Dec 24 at 8a/7c
  • Dec 25 at 12/11c

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