Hallmark Christmas movies filmed in Newfoundland

Newfoundland is a beautiful province with a lot to offer, and it’s no wonder that Hallmark has chosen to film several Christmas movies there.

Thanks to its picturesque scenery and charming small towns that have made Newfoundland and Labrador a popular filming location among Hallmark filmmakers, and a heartwarming tourist destination.

The charming surroundings of the northeastern province of Canada has many amazing places that can be easily transformed into a holiday movie setting just like other provinces of Canada but British Columbia still remains the favorite shooting location of Hallmark filmmakers.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the famous Newfoundland locations that you may recognize from your favorite Hallmark holiday films.

Hallmark Christmas movies filmed in Newfoundland and Labrador

Here’s the list of Hallmark movies that were done in Newfoundland and Labrador in 2023.

#1 My Christmas Guide (2023)

In My Christmas Guide, a college professor loses her eyesight but gains a four-legged friend. This tail-wagging guide dog leads him to love and happiness in Saint. John’s. Woof woof!

My Christmas Guide was filmed in Newfoundland
Courtsey of Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

#2 Merry Mystery Christmas (2023)

Eliza King stars as a reporter on a mystery mission in Merry Mystery Christmas. She’s tracking down the sneaky Grinch stealing Christmas decorations from homes in St. John’s! Can you help her crack the case? This Hallmark movie is presented by W Network.

Merry Mystery Christmas filming in Newfoundland
Courtsey of W Network

The lead actress Eliza also operates two small businesses in Newfoundland. She revealed to CTV News that she’ve done a couple of auditions for Hallmark movies in the country other than this province, but there was a lot more competition there.

She also starred in The Dog Lover’s Guide to Dating. Her involvement in these local films gave her an opportunity to make her career in the film industry.

#3 Everything Christmas (2023)

Jingle those bells for Everything Christmas starring Cindy Busby. She goes to a small town where Christmas is celebrated whole year and falls for a local lad amidst the twinkling lights and festive cheer of Lester’s Farm Chalet in St. John’s. Fa la la la la!

Everything Christmas is another Hallmark Christmas movie filmed in St Johns
Courtsey of Hallmark Channel

#4 The Dog Lover’s Guide to Dating (2023)

In the charming seaside village of St. John’s, a hopeless romantic guy named Simon meets Chloe, the woman of his dreams. But there’s one catch, her beloved pup doesn’t approve of him.

Corey Sevier holding pup in his hands in front of Alex in The Dog Lover's Guide to Dating movie while filming in Newfoundland
Courtsey of Hallmark

Determined to win Buddy over, Simon enlists the help of Alex, a local dog trainer. As Simon and Alex work together to teach Buddy to trust him, they begin to fall in love themselves.

Why Newfoundland is becoming popular?

With sparkling snow, colorful buildings, and friendly folks, it’s easy to see why filmmakers are rushing towards Newfoundland. They’ve been doing it for years in British Columbia but now, it’s time for some expansion and explore some unexplored locations of Canada.

Laura Churchill, the head of PictureNL said, ‘Hallmark’s interest in St Johns’s is exceptional news.’ For those who don’t know, PictureNL is a govt owned film commission that offers lucrative tax programs and other relief to movie producers.

Moreover, the Canadian government is taking appropriate steps to support independent filmmakers in the Canadian province.

They are heavily investing in the expansion of television and film industry in the Newfoundland and that has resulted into an increased production of Christmas movies in the area.

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