Descendants 4 Confirmed, 2023 Release Date, New Trailer Out!

Descendants 4 is the fourth part of the famous teenage fantasy film franchise Descendants created by Disney Channel.

The film franchise proved to be the biggest Disney movie franchise ever that has topped the Billboards since it made appearance online for the first time in 2015.

First Descendants come out in 2015 on the Disney Channel and become one of the most watched Disney original of that time.

On seeing the success of the first film, a sequel was released in 2017 and eventually third part of the movie was released in 2019 that too proved to be a huge success.

What is Descendants?

Descendants is an American musical fantasy film series that follows a group of teenagers adjusting their lives outside the magical island prison while searching for he lucky fairy Godmother’s wand to free their parents from slavery.

Descendants 4 confirmed DIsney+

First three movies are directed and choreographed by Kenny Ortega while the screenplay is written by Josann McGibbon and Sara Parriott.

But Jennifer Phang has replaced Kenny Ortega as the director for Descendants 4 while the scripts are written by Russell Sommer and Dan Frey.

The production of the first two movies is done under Disney Channel Original Productions, 5678 Productions, and Bad Angels Productions while the last two movies are produced under Disney Studios only.

TitleDescendants 4
Release date2023
CastDove Cameron, Sofia Carson, Booboo Stewart, China Anne McClain, Mitchell Hope, Melanie Paxson, Cheyenne Jackson, and newcomer Kylie Cantrall
PlotThe film will follow the children of Disney villains as they return to Auradon to face a new threat.
Production detailsThe film is being directed by Kenny Ortega and written by Josann McGibbon and Sara Parriott.
Other detailsThe film will not feature Cameron Boyce, who played Carlos in the previous films. Boyce died in 2019.

Is Descendants 4 movie confirmed?

Yes, a fourth Descendants movie has been officially confirmed by the original network, Disney.

The official announcement was made at D23 Expo and also a press release has been released by the network.

Descendants 4 coming out on Disney

However, no exact date has been announced at this time but the return of some cast members are also announced.

China Anne McClain will be returning as Uma along with Kylie Cantrall and Dara Renee that is the daughter of the Queen of Hearts and daughter of Cindrella.

Heartbreakingly, we will not be able to see our favorite Cameron Boyce as Carlos in Descendants 4 because the actor passed away at the age of 20 in 2019. Now the question arises, will there be a descendants 4 without cameron?

Descendants 4 Production Details

Principal filming began on 30 Jan 2023 and wrapped around 21 March 2023 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. Now, the film has entered into post production phase that is going to take 6-7 months.

First Descendants movie was released in 2015, Descendants 2 was released in 2017, Descendants 3 in 2019.

Finally, a fourth part is currently under production which will come out in August 2023 along with Now You See Me 3 movie.

When is Descendants 4 coming out on Disney Plus?

Descendants 4 titled The Rise of Red is scheduled to release somewhere around August 2023 inside the US cinemas. The movie will then become available on Disney+ only for its subscribers.

Descendants 4 cast returning

The official renewal announcement was made by Disney+ in a press release and D23 Expo citing that the filming will begun in fall 2022.

Also, it has been confirmed that the fourth movie of Descendants will be released under the working title ‘The Pocketwatch’.

The award winning filmmaker Jennifer Phang is directing the film from the scripts written by Russell Sommer and Dan Frey.

Mark Hofeling is returning as production designer, and Gary Marsh as executive producer.

Here’s the official announcement made by Disney Branded TV president Ayo Davis:

"With a captivating script and Jennifer Phang's directorial vision, we're setting a new high bar of creativity and imagination, with a movie that ups the ante on story, song and dance to entertain young viewers, their families, and the global fan base that grew up with the aspirational story of 'Descendants'…We join them in anticipation as we prepare to deliver a great new entertainment experience to Disney+."
Descendants 4 release date

Previously, there were rumors that the series filmmakers cancelled everything since Cameron Boyce died from epilepsy complications. Dove is unable to recover from the trauma and she even said that she hate the idea of making new film without Boyce.

Lonnie(Dianne Doan) and Audrey(Sarah Jeffery) wasn’t seen in Descendants 3 due to their busy schedule with other projects. Dianne was busy with the professional R.O.A.R. team for Northern Wei and Sarah was involved in other important tasks.

They will make their appearance in the new Descendants 4 movie. Interstellar 2 and Sicario 3 are two another sequels that fans are waiting for a very long time but still no signs of revival can be seen.

Disney Descendants 4 Cast

China Anne McClain’s role as Uma and Whoopi Goldberg’s role as Ursula are expected to return for the fourth Disney original film. Other than that, we will see the return of Kylie Cantrall as Red, and Dara Renee as Chloe.

Descendants 4 showing Dara Renee as Chloe
  • Whoopi Goldberg as Ursula
  • Dara Renee as Chloe
  • China Anne McClain as Uma
  • Kylie Cantrall as Red

Even though, the film serves as the sequel to the first three, we will not able to see some prominent cast members as Cameron Boyce because the actor passed away at 20 years of age in 2019. Our beloved actor lost his life due to epileptic seizure even before the release of Descendants 3.

Will there be a Descendants 5?

Descendants 5 might happen in the near future because in Sep 2021, Disney revealed that two new films of the film were in development.

One of them is revealed to be the fourth part of the movie franchise while the second movie is still awaited.

Fans are wondering if the musical comedy will return for a fifth instalment so the answer is there will be a 5th part if the movie if it gets announced by the original producers.

The arrival of fifth part is not possible without releasing a fourth part. Whenever a fourth Descendants will come out on Disney+ then we can expect to see a fifth Descendant movie on the Disney.

On 13 Aug 2021, a special animated episode of 22 minutes namely Descendants: The Royal Wedding was aired on the Disney Channel.

This is the only recent movie appeared after Descendants 2019 film which acknowledged the character of Carlos played by late actor Cameron Boyce, and Cheyenne Jackson who plays Hades in Descendants 3.

How many Descendants movies are there?

There are a total of three Descendant movies(two in production), three short series, and a special. Here’s the list of all the movies in chronological order.

MovieRelease DateDuration
Descendants31 July 20151 Hour 52 minutes
Descendants 221 July 20171 Hour 51 minutes
Descendants 32 August 20191 Hour 48 minutes
Descendants 4Augut 20231 Hour 45 minutes

Descendants 4 New Movie Trailer

No official trailer or teaser has been released by the Disney animation studios that could reveal the possible plot for the upcoming part. Since, the chances of releasing another part are pretty slim, we don’t expect too much.

No matter how hard fans try nobody knows what day does Descendants 4 come out. It’s definitely a Friday as other parts have released on Friday.

About Descendants

The film follows a group of teenagers who are in the middle of adjusting their lives outside their island prison while on a mission to steal the Fairy godmother’s wand, this wand is also the key to their independences that will make them free from their parents captivity.

Mal, Carlos, Evie, and Jay are the children of supervillains who must return to Auradon. Audrey is jealous of Mal because she stole the Maleficent’s sceptre and is now terrorizing the locals.

What will be the plot for Descendants 4?

The story of Descendants 4 is inspired from Alice in Wonderland book where daughter of the queen, Red, and daughter of Cindrella, Chloe travels back in time using the magical pocket watch of White rabbit to prevent a catastrophic event that is going to happen in Auradon.

Director Phang also revealed that the movie will take the audiences through the rabbit hole to the hostile unincorporated territory of Wonderland. More exciting stuff is yet to come.

Auradon is under attack after taking down the barrier around the Isle of the Lost and villain kids are coming closer with sinister intentions to avenge their enemies. The whole kingdom is invaded by the intruders, places are robbed and things are disappearing from the places.

Moreover, the long lost VKs and their parents have got the power to use their sealed powers and magical spells. Mal and Ben have to find a possible solution to the problem as the king and queen of the kingdom but chaos is everywhere. Even though, there are some heroes who are coming to rescue but will the queen allow them to pass into their castle?

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