Deadly Class Season 2 Release Date, Cancelled, Cast, Trailer, Expected Plot

Deadly Class Season 2 was much awaited season among black comedy fans but sadly it was officially cancelled by Sony Networks in June 2019. The first season was ended with a huge twist but the series creators decided to not continue the series for another season because no streaming network picked it up and order its renewal. First season was developed by Rick Remender and Miles Orion Feldscott, the show is based on the comic book of the same title written by Remender and Wesley Craig.

Deadly Class Season 2 Release Date and Time

The series creator updated that the show’s renewal status is still cancelled because no streaming platform has ordered another season. Even though, the first season is streaming on Starz Play along with NBC Universal’s Syfy and Sony Pictures Television, the show is still not ready to be renewed because no network has picked up the series.

Deadly Class season 2 release date

When is deadly class season 2 coming out?

Deadly Class Season 2 is not coming out anytime because it has been cancelled by the original network and creators haven’t updated the show’s status after the official cancellation announcement in 2019. The comic book creator Rick Remender started curating the story for the second season right after the end of season 1 premiere but no savior stepped in to renew the comic adapted series and it resulted into a cancellation.

Why was deadly class cancelled?

The reason behind the cancellation of Deadly Class is considered its poor reviews and ratings that pulled down its popularity and cause the distributing network to dump it forever like Queen of The South Season 6. The harsh reality is that, the show is not as bad as it is presented. Instead of the great criticism, the series is rated 7.6 on IMDb and 65% freshness score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Cast of Deadly Class Season 2

  • Erica Cerra as Miss De Luca
  • Benedict Wong as Master Lin
  • Benjamin Wadsworth as Marcus Lopez
  • Lana Condor as Saya Kuroki
  • María Gabriela de Faría as Maria Salazar
  • Luke Tennie as Willie Lewis
  • Liam James as Billy
  • Taylor Hickson as Petra
  • Jack Gillett as Lex
  • Tom Stevens as Chester ‘Fuckface’ Wilson
  • Michel Duval as Chico
  • Sean Depner as Viktor
  • Olivia Cheng as Master Gao
  • Siobhan Williams as Brandy Lynn
  • Isaiah Lehtinen as Shabnam
  • Juan Grey as Juan
  • Brian Posehn as Shandy
  • David Zayas as El Alma del Diablo
  • Victor Andres Turgeon-Trelles as Holy Ghost
  • Sam Jin Coates as Yukio
  • Viva Lee as Nahia
  • Ryan Robbins as Rory
  • Henry Rollins as Jürgen Denke
  • Chanelle Peloso as Sue Ann
  • Kelcey Mawema as Gabrielle
  • Theresa Wong as Shu
  • Michael Mitton as Jaden
  • Naomi Simpson as Gran Gran
  • French Stewart as Scorpio Slasher
  • Christopher Heyerdahl as Master Zane
  • Sean Campbell as Gene
  • Josh Burns as Boyd
  • Sebastian Kroon as Cousin Jim
  • Doralynn Mui as Riku
  • Ice-T as Ice-T Slot Machine
  • Eric Breker as Casino Policeman
  • Shauna Hansen as Catherine
  • Jett Klyne as Tommy
  • Jason Vaisvila as Mustache Hippie
  • Chad Riley as Cop #1
  • Dominic Mariche as Young Marcosd

What will happen in Deadly Class Season 2?

Deadly Class is a comic book adaptation so we can expect new season to continue the story after season 1 finale. The main plot sets in the backdrop of 1980s counterculture whose story follows an orphaned teen assassin attending the King’s Dominion Academy, an elite private school where world’s top crime families have send their children. Our hero has to survive along with the maintenance of moral code but when he grows up, everything seems so changed. As far as season 2 is concerned, the story will follow Snake Pit and Die for Me arcs as per comic. Things are going to change for students.

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