Clovehitch Killer True Story Explained: Real Life Story of American Thriller

Clovehitch Killer true story is slightly different from the one shown in movie. Directed by Duncan Skiles and written by Christopher Ford, the story moves around an infamous killer who bound and strangled 13 female victims before his disappearance. The movie is really thrilling and informative. Moreover, a 16-year-old is explaining the scenes. It shows various events between BTK and his disappearance.

The Clovehitch Killer True Story

Clovehitch Killer is based on the life of a serial killer, Dennis Raider popularly known as the BTK(Bind, Torture, and kill) killer. The murderer born in 1945 as the oldest sibling in Raider’s family inside Pittsburgh, Kansas like the normal children in a middle-class family.

Clovehitch Killer with his son

But there were some signs in his childhood that he will turned into a monster one day. He started torturing and killing poor animals and enrolled in Kansas Wesleyan University but dropped out one year later of joining. Then, he joined US Air Force and after serving from 1966-1970 he got married in 1971 and got a security job.

Now he has got a respectable family and a Bachelor’s degree in Science in 1979 with a major in Administration of Justice. Rader began his killing spree after setting in the community and resembles The Clovehitch Killer that is shown in the movie.

BTK Killer real photograph

Finally, in 2005 he got arrested but since that time he has taken the life of 10 women. He was enjoying in torturing his victims and draw sexual pleasure from his evil acts. Moreover, Clovehitch killer tied a clove at every crime scene.

However, the ending of the film is different that actual one.

How was Clovehitch Killer caught in real life?

In the film it is shown that The BTK killer was caught with the help some clues that were sent to authorities. But in reality, he was caught and killed by his son Tyler Burnside, the one who is narrating the story.

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