Carlesha Gaither Case: Where is kidnapper Delvin Barnes now?

22-year-old Carlesha Gaither was walking home after visiting her godson in Philadelphia. She was eager to return to the warmth of her apartment, but she had no idea that the ominous streets were prowling with evil that night. As Carlesha crossed the dimly-lit sidewalk, a predator watched her from the shadows, waiting to make his move.

Who is Carlesha Gaither?

Carlesha Gaither was a young nursing assistant who worked hard to support her family. Described as feisty and full of life by her loved ones, she had beaten the odds after growing up in poverty. At just 22 years old, the Philadelphia native worked hard to support her loving family, spending her spare time bonding with her godson.

Where is Carlesha Freeland-Gaither now
Courtsey of See No Evil (2014)

But her hopes would temporarily be crushed under the weight of a cruel, calculating criminal. That fateful November night, she had visited her godson after work before beginning the familiar walk back to her house.

The Nightmare Begins

As Carlesha walked down West Coulter Street, a man emerged from the darkness and attacked. He tackled her to the cold concrete, dragging her small frame as she struggled. The girl fought back valiantly, refusing to be taken without a fight, as per the clip shared by NBC.

a footage scene showing Delvin Barnes kidnapping Carlesha Gaither from Philadelphia street

But her attacker was determined and violent. He forced her into his car while she screamed for her life, then slid behind the wheel and peeled off into the night. Little did he know, Carlesha Gaither had left something behind—her phone lay smashed on the sidewalk, soon to ring alarm bells.

Around 9:40 pm, residents reported hearing the chilling scream echo down the empty street. Rushing to investigate, a witness discovered Carlesha’s cracked phone lying abandoned on the ground near shards of broken glass.

Detectives arriving on the scene quickly realized she had been abducted, but with few leads and no name for the culprit, they faced a race against time to track her down before the mysterious attacker could strike again.

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The Hunt for a Predator

Police arrived to find signs of struggle—a broken car window, the phone, scratch marks on the ground. Detectives quickly extracted fingerprints and DNA from the scene.

Security footage captured the terrifying kidnapping, but the video was too grainy to identify the suspect. It would take old-fashioned police work to crack this case.

Officers canvassed the area for clues, while worried family members waited in agony. As leads dried up, the fate of Carlesha Gaither hung by a thread. Detectives needed a breakthrough, and soon.

A Break In The Case

Five days after the abduction of Carlesha Gaither, detectives caught a huge break. A woman in Maryland had found suspicious car glass on her property that matched the suspect’s window. Police extracted fingerprints and traced the glass to a car purchased in Virginia.

Carlesha Gaither family
Courtsey of See No Evil (2014)

The vehicle had a GPS system installed. Officers activated it—the car was headed south, still moving. They alerted law enforcement along the I-95 corridor as tension mounted.

After hours of chasing phantom blips and false alarms, police narrowed in on an abandoned factory parking lot. As a SWAT team swarmed the area, a car rolled up to the gates.

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Rescuing Carlesha Gaither

Officers surrounded the car, weapons drawn. Peering inside, they were shocked to find Carlesha Freeland-Gaither—alive and physically unharmed. As they busted open the doors to free her, the driver—37-year-old Delvin Barnes—surrendered peacefully. After days of torment, Carlesha was safe at last.

Who is Delvin Barnes?

Delvin Barnes was a monster hiding in plain sight. Although he appeared harmless on the surface, Barnes had a horrific history of violence against women. Just weeks before kidnapping Carlesha, he had committed a chillingly similar crime in Virginia.

Who is Delvin Barnes and where is he now
Courtsey of See No Evil (2014)

Barnes was arrested for assaulting a 16-year-old girl, smashing her skull with a shovel and abducting her in his car. The victim only narrowly escaped while Barnes attempted to dig her grave.

How did Barnes evade law enforcement for so long? He was experienced at staying off the radar and caught detectives by surprise with his late-night ambush. But determined police work ultimately brought his reign of terror crashing down.

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Where is Delvin Barnes today?

As for Barnes, his day of reckoning had arrived. He pleaded guilty to abducting and attempting to murder the 16-year-old girl in Virginia, as well as the harrowing kidnapping of Carlesha.

A judge handed Barnes a well-deserved 35 years behind bars. He currently rots in a maximum security prison, his appalling crimes finally suppressed. But for Carlesha and Barnes’ earlier victim, the nightmare lives on whenever darkness falls.

Where is Carlesha Freeland-Gaither now?

For Carlesha Gaither, the road to recovery was long and painful. Although she was physically unharmed, vicious felon Delvin Barnes had robbed her sense of security.

Carlesha Gaither demonstrated resilience once again, overcoming trauma to rebuild her life. Today, she continues to heal surrounded by her fiercely loyal family and friends.

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