Where is the Bradshaw bunch filmed? Cast & Filming Locations

The American reality show ‘The Bradshaw Bunch‘ is all about the personal life of a former NFL quarterback Terry Bradshaw. This TV show highlights the inside life of Terry Bradshaw and his family that includes her wife, 3 daughters, and 2 grandchildren. If you want to know about Terry’s family and the bond among his family members then ‘The Bradshaw Bunch’ is the main thing that can connect you straight to his home.

Where is the Bradshaw bunch filmed?

The Bradshaw Bunch filmed Location

The Bradshaw Bunch was filmed in Thackerville, Southern Oklahoma on Bradshaw’s ranch that is 70 miles outside Dallas. You will find Terry and his family living peacefully in their Love country.

You can find Terry chilling out with his family members: Tammy Alice, Lacey Bradshaw, Erin Weiss, and Rachel Bradshaw. All the family members are acting naturally as they act at home without showing any artificial class.

Terry Bradshaw Grandchildren are also in the cast for some time and the best part is they don’t fear or shame in front of cameras. From childhood, they made the habit of being comfortable in facing cameras.

Where is Terry Bradshaw Today?

Today, Terry Bradshaw is living in his 744 acres residence called The Bradshaw Quarter Horses Ranch. It lies near the Texas border and about 70 miles away from Dallas.

Currently, Terry is a TV sports analyst and co-host of Fox NFL Sunday. Side-by-side he is fighting clinical depression disease that was diagnosed in 1999. In this disease, the serotonin level of a person’s brain is always imbalanced.

You will be glad to know that Bradshaw Bunch is renewed in November and the next season will be premiered in 2021. And this will show up with more details reveal about our favorite quarterback Terry Bradshaw. Ready to watch The Bradshaw Bunch season 2!

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