Who are Terry Bradshaw Grandchildren? Who is Zurie?

Terry Bradshaw is one of the most famous personalities in the NFL world, a very humble person giving his success credit to his daughters, spouse, and grandchildren.

He has been working days for the last 25 years and he has experienced 3 failed marriages and the loss of son-in-law, Rob Bironas.

The NFL quarterback Terry Bradshaw found her spouse Tameria Ellis in 2014 and married on 8 July in the same year, now she is known as Tammy Bradshaw.

Who are Terry Bradshaw grandchildren?

Terry Bradshaw is currently having two grandchildren Zuri(granddaughter) and Jeb(grandson), both are born from her stepdaughter Lacey Hester Bradshaw.

Zuri and Jeb

Zuri Bradshaw is the beautiful daughter of Lacey Hester Luttrull that is born from her past relationship in 2013. Jeb is also the son of Lacey and Noah Hester who was born in 2017. Although, he looks more like her mother with hazel green eyes and blonde hair.

Is Terry Bradshaw’s granddaughter Zuri adopted?

Lacey Luttrull hasn’t revealed details about the biological father of Zuri and that’s why most people think that she was adopted. However, Noah Hester is the stepfather of Zuri Bradshaw.

Zurie with her caring stepfather

However, Zuri’s grandpa loves her a lot and shares a special bond with her. She was born in 2013, and become the apple of Terry’s eye very quickly.

As you can see in the reality show ‘The Bradshaw Bunch’, Zurey and Terry are having a blast together. On top of that, the granddaughter is also a brilliant first grader that is making her family proud.

Terry Bradshaw’s bonding along with his children and grandchildren

If you are a super fan of Terry Bradshaw grandchildren then you probably watch “The Bradshaw Bunch” that is an amazing show to know about the life of Bradshaw’s Family.

Completely unaware of his high status, Zurie looks so innocent and cute. Moreover, she is an intelligent first grader that makes her parents and grandparents proud. Like her aunt Erin Bradshaw Weiss, she develops an interest in horses at a very young age.

Jebediah is still very young to learn new things and goofing around Bradshaw’s house. However, he entertains his grandpa like nobody else and got a special place in his heart. Terry is a person full of life and crosses 70 because of Jeb and Zurie’s company.

Terry Bradshaw playing with grandchild Jeb Hester

Terry loves his family, not only grandchildren he looks after Rachel, Erin, and Lacey too and they also love him so much as daughters do. All members of the family are awesome and praise each other in reel life as well as in real life.

Rachel says that kids are super-comfortable on the cameras and continue to live their natural life in front of them. You don’t care much about what’s happening around you when everything remains the same from the time you start growing up.

On the other hand, you enjoy your life and live it to the fullest. Zuri and Jeb are also doing the same thing, they are becoming the stars every night and entertaining us as well as his family with their sweet and stupid activities.

If you want to know more about Terry Bradshaw grandchildren along with family then the best way is to read all the articles here that are related to Bradshaws and you can also watch The Bradshaw Bunch if you want. She makes us laugh at the number of occasions, and also she charms her cuteness all over Bradshaw’s mansion.

The Bradshaw Bunch Cast:

  • Terry Bradshaw
  • Tammy Bradshaw
  • Rachel Bradshaw
  • Lacey Bradshaw
  • Erin Bradshaw Weiss
  • Noah
  • Zurie
  • Jeb
  • Scott
  • Dustin
  • Ese Azenabor
  • Biscuit
  • Brady
  • Briana
  • Conner
  • Dan
  • Snoop Donk
  • Farrell

Where does terry bradshaw’s black granddaughter come from?

Her mother Lacey, never revealed her past husband. So only the family knows who the biological father of Zurie Bradshaw.

who is Zuri Bradshaw mother and dad?

Lacey Hester is the biological mother of Zuri and Noah Hester is her step father.

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