American Rust Episode 7 Release Date, Spoilers, Where to watch?

American Rust episode 7 is expected to release at its scheduled time on 24 Oct 2021. The TV series is created by Dan Futterman and the story is based on the novel of the same name written by Phillip Meyer. It follows chief of police Del Harris who is forced to arrest the son of woman he loves because he is found to be a suspect behind one murder.

American Rust Episode 7 Release Date and Time

American Rust Episode 7 titled Blue Mountains is set to release on 24 Oct 2021 at 10 PM EDT on Showtime inside the United States. There will be a total of nine episodes in this season with an average running time of 45 minutes. New episodes are airing on Sundays every week.

American Rust Episode 6 Recap

The sixth episode opens with Harris going to Pittsburgh along with Chuck in order to repay his debt by killing a murderer and a gang member. Meanwhile, Issac and his client gets attacked by a group of people who beat them hard and draw homophobic slurs on their chests.

American Rust episode 6 recap

On the other hand, Billy was sent to Farmington Tri-Country Prison where various murderers who committed violent crime are kept together with convicted gangsters. Moreover, Grace accuses Lee for hiding the truth that she has been sleeping with Billy, someone sets Grace’s car on fire in the ending scene.

American Rust Episode 7 Spoilers

American Rust Episode 7 will show Billy’s struggle to get adapted inside the prison and he might get involved with one of those insider gangs to sense security and ensure his survival. Moreover, Chief Harris will continue his search to finally pay off his debt and other works will find the person who sets Grace car on fire.

Issac will look forward to find a way back to Los Angeles alone after surviving the homophobic group attack. His security is still a concern as Jojo is not there to safeguard him from the enemies.

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