When does episode 3 of American horror stories come out? Where to stream AHS Season 10?

American Horror Stories Episode 4 will release on it’s scheduled time on Hulu. The TV Show is a spinoff of an American horror award-winning TV series American Horror Story created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk for the FX Networks, the series is also known as AHS Season 10. The first season of AHS was premiered in 2011 and has released 9 seasons so far with more than 100 spine chilling episodes.

If you are on a diet and wants to lose some calories then there is no show other than AHS season 10 that gonna make your diet successful. Moreover, horror series fans are rating this as one of the best award wining thrillers of all the time. Let’s find out when will episode 1 of the American Horror Stories be release?

American Horror Stories episode 4 Release Date

American Horror Stories Episode 4 with the title The Naughty List is set to release on Thursday, 29 July 2021 at 12:00 AM EDT on FX on Hulu. AHS Season 10 episode 4 will be released a day later on Binge for the Australian viewers. This season will be having a total of 16 episodes with an average running time of 55 minutes.

Where to watch AHS Season 10 episode 4?

AHS Season 10 is currently streaming on Hulu in the United States, Binge for Australian viewers, and Hotstar for Indian audience. Canada residents can buy the episodes from Apple TV plus and Google Play.

Episode 3 Recap

In AHS Season 10 ep 3, we saw a cursed film, ‘Rabbit Rabbit’ which turned the crowd violent during it’s first premiere in 1986. The violence claimed six innocent lives. Today, Chad and Kelly are going to watch the same film in a theatre but they aren’t looking towards the screen and enjoying their 6-month anniversary. The film has turned has turned the viewers once again in a killing machine but the couple stay safe but their friends got killed as were looking towards the screening.

American Horror Stories episode 3 recap

Then the couple decide to destroy all the evidences of the movie so that nobody will ever able to play this film again. But in the ending Rabbit Rabbit’s producer sold his rights to Netflix and the film premiered worldwide.

Is Rabbit Rabbit movie real?

No, Rabbit Rabbit movie shown in American Horror Stories episode 4 is not real but there are many cursed thriller movies that gives you the same horror experience. One of them is Antrum, that has claimed 86 lives according to Mirror, The Exorcist is another infamous movie for it’s real disturbing events.

What will happen in American Horror Stories episode 4?

AHS Season 10 Episode 4 preview shows that it will be about Christmas so we can expect to see some traditional tropes and Santa Claus. As this is AHS, so Santa maybe sending deadly presents to all people and turned young kids into nonsense killers. It will be about Santa’s revenge to those people who are trolling Santa online with disturbing content.

American Horror Stories episode 4 spoilers

You can also expect to see some hidden rituals that Santa might follow to increase the energy. He will punish the evil kids and teach them a lesson so that they will never bully anyone who is below them. Also, influencers are increasing day-by-day so they can possibly call Santa to increase their followers.

What do you think will happen in American Horror Stories episode 4 now?

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