AlRawabi School for Girls Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot

AlRawabi School for Girls Season 2 is not yet confirmed by the creators but we can expect another season to be released sometime in the future. The Arabic suspense drama series is created, directed, and co-written by by Tima Shomali, produced by Nadine Toukan under Filmizion Productions, and distributed by original network Netflix that first premiered on 12 August 2021. The six part miniseries was broadcasted in 32 languages in almost 190 countries on Netflix. Let’s find out when will the second season premiere on Netflix?

AlRawabi School for Girls Season 2 Release Date and Time

AlRawabi School for Girls Season 2 is not yet announced by the creators and is not likely to release in the future because the show was a limited mini-series like Wild Wild Country, Behind Her eyes, The Queen’s Gambit, Mare of Easttown, Brand New Cherry Flavor, etc. However, if the show still receives a renewal out of nowhere then we can expect it to be released around November 2022. We can expect to see six more episodes with an average runtime of 45 minutes like the first season.

AlRawabi School for Girls season 2 release date

First season premiered on 12 August 2021 with a total of 6 episodes. Each episode is having a running time of 45 minutes and is available to stream via Netflix subscription along with other Netflix originals as Tekken Bloodline.


Most of all the cast members are expected to reprise their role for the second season except the ones who have meet their fate in the series due to the bullying.

  • Andria Tayeh as Mariam
  • Rakeen Sa’ad as Noaf
  • Noor Taher as Layan
  • Yara Mustafa as Dina
  • Joanna Arida as Rania
  • Salsabiela A. as Roqayya
  • Nadera Emran as Principal Fateh Qadi
  • Reem Saadeh as Miss Abeer

About AlRawabi School for Girls

The story moves around a group of teenagers who fights for their safety and punish those who have done wrong with them. Basically, it shows the real subjects of school such as dysfunctional family dynamics, bullying, sexual harassment, mental health problems, rude behavior of seniors, and social alienation like in Fifty Shades of Grey.


While most of the viewers have praised the series for its production and writing values, some critics have described the show as the portrayal of mean Arab girls and the misinterpretation of Jordanian society. However, director Shomali claps back at the critiques by saying that her series has created a dialogue and this is the pure sign of success. Tima said that she will continue to produce more such valuable series in the future.

What to expect from AlRawabi School for Girls Season 2?

The second season of AlRawabi will bring another suspenseful story of Mariam and her friends as the main plot of the series focus on bullying and other struggles of teenage school students. Whatever gonna happen, it will be interesting to see the two side faces of everyone in the series as we saw that no one is purely good or bad.

In the first season, we saw students were interrogated about a violent incident while Mariam becomes the main target of bullies. Also, this gives her enough confidence to lead the team of rebellions who raise their voice against bullies and seek vengeance for the bad things they did to them.

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