You Can Call Me Bill Documentary Where to Watch?

William Shatner, best known as Captain James T. Kirk in the famous sci-fi media franchise Star Trek has opened up about his age and health in his new documentary You Can Call me Bill documentary which is set to arrive at the 2023 SXSW conference.

Directed and written by Alexandre O Philippe, the biographical drama film can be described as an intimate portrait of Shatner’s personal journey that explains how the man has progressed over the course of his 90 years.

Shatner was pitched multiple times by various people to make a film about his life but the actor kept on denying because it didn’t fit his ideology. Legion M wanted to incorporate audiences as a part of the film and that seems perfect.

Is You Can Call Me Bill Documentary on Netflix?

You Can Call Me Bill is not available to stream on Netflix right now, but there are chances that the movie will be released on Netflix in the future.

Is William Shatner documentary on Netflix

Till that time, you can watch a lot of good documentaries with your Netflix subscription like Luckiest Girl Alive, Tell Me Who I am, Viking Wolf, The Hand of God, Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker, It takes a Lunatic, Anne Frank: Parallel Stories, etc.

Where can I watch You Can Call Me Bill Documentary?

William Shatner documentary is set to premiere on 16 March 2023 at SXSW (a festival that take place every March)a in Austin, Texas. If you want to watch the movie then you need to book a ticket to The Paramount Theatre.

You Can Call Me Bill documentary Where to watch
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According to the official South by Southwest website, limited number of tickets are available for general public that costs $25 right now. You Can Call me Bill documentary will be available on demand from 17 March 2023 at 1:00 PM CT inside the United States.

A number of advance tickets are available for sale at selected venues. So, you can checkout the suitable venue website where your movie will stream. To know more about the schedule of upcoming movies at SXSW, you can visit the official website of SXSW.

Will William Shatner documentary be on Amazon Prime?

Legion M is the original distributor for the film who is plannning to sell the streaming rights to one or more partners for a wide release. So, we can expect the documentary to be released on some OTT platforms as Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, HBO, or other streaming service.

William Shatner documentary on Amazon Prime Video

It might be released on VOD platforms as Microsoft Store, Amazon, Google Play Movies, Apple iTunes, or Redbox. As of now, the movie has only premiered at the SXSW 2023 and no info available regarding its release date on OTT.

What is the movie You can call me Bill about?

The movie features interviews of William Shatner with family members, friends, close relatives, and colleagues. Moreover, the docufillm uses some rare behind-the-scenes footage from his various roles in films and series.

It is an intimate portrait of Shatner and strips away the masks he has worn to embody some of his famous characters such as Captain Kirk, T.J. Hooker, Denny Crane, and more. The film covers how his age and health affected his decision to make the documentary.

Jeff Annison, and Kerry Deignan Roy have produced this fascinating film. When Legion M has provided all the funding, Exhibit A Pictures has done all other work from production to designing. Exhibit A Picutres is a studio specializing in making top class documentaries.

What is Legion M?

Legion M is an entertainment production company that was founded in 2016. It is unique in that it allows fans to invest in the company through the JOBS Act, making it the world’s first fan-owned entertainment company.

William Shatner with LegionM Crew on set of You Can Call Me Bill Documentary
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The company partners with various Hollywood creators, from independent filmmakers to big studios to produce films and other forms of entertainment and one such creaton is You Can Call Me Bill, the company utilized its equity for the production of this marvelous documentary.

William Shatner liked this part of LegionM that they are giving fans the opportunity to become a part of the film and that’s why he didn’t charge a fees like LegionM and he will only get paid if the doc becomes a success.

You Can Call Me Bill Documentary: SOLD OUT!

Fans were so supportive that they bought up all the shares of the movie in less than a week completing the funding goal of $750,000 raised from 1436 investors. Within four days, the movie project raised this much amount of money.

If you have invested in the film then you can recoup 100% of your money before Shatner or Legion M earns any fees. You can also make a profit if the movie becomes a hit and your name will be written in the credits at the end screen.

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