Where was Viking Wolf Filmed? Who is the Wolf in the Netflix movie?

A lot of werewolf movies are available on various streaming networks but only a few of them are spine chilling, the latest one is Netflix’s Viking Wolf.

The film is directed and co-written by Stig Svendsen with Espen Aukan for Netfilx Nordic. It is first ever Norwegian werewolf movie that takes us through a small Nordic town of Nybo where a 17 year old girl witnesses a teen getting dragged by a mysterious force in the woods.

Thale has recently shifted to the Norwegian town with her mother and is struggling to fit into her new surroundings. Will she able to make new friends and change her fortune?

Viking Wolf Filming Locations

Viking Wolf was filmed in various locations of Norway inside Northern Europe. The filming locations include Notodden, Viken, and the capital city of Oslo. Reports suggested that the filming began in June 2022 and wrapped around Nov 2022.

First of all, the crew moved towards Notodden city to begin the filming in June 2022 and this is the place where most of the town scenes were taped. The Heddal Stave Church and Telerock AS pub and bar were utilized for the shooting purposes.

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Stave Church is one of the 28 Norwegian Churches that were built in the beginning of 13th century and are preserved in Norway. Telerock AS Pub is a real bar located at Heddalsvegen 23, Notodden, Telemark Country. It is a clean and safe place with a wide variety of beers and hard drinks.

The scene where Thale is humiliated for having rabies was filmed outside a real restaurant named Din Kebab & Pizza located at Feltspatveien 25 in Lambertseter suburb, Oslo. Margaretakirkeruinen was another location that was used to film some fire scenes. It is a medieval site of an old stone church located in the outskirts of Oslo.

Viking Wolf movie on Netflix

Some espionage scenes were filmed in the neighbourhood of Søndre Nordstrand and Lørenskog. Since the suburbs of Oslo are quite expensive, the production team prepared a special set before opening the cameras.

Finally, the rural indoor scenes were taped in Viken. The Sylling village of Lier municipality was used as the Nybo Kommune mixed with Notodden city. While outdoor scenes of the Nybo village were shot in Notodden, the indoor scenes were filmed here in the Sylling.

Who is the wolf in Viking wolf?

Fenrir is a monstrous wolf of Norse mythology who is shown as the mysterious creature in the Viking Wolf movie. As per mythology, he breaks free from his chains at the time of Ragnarok and kills Odin.

He was prophesied to participate in the destruction of Gods and that’s why is also known as the monster of Van or Vanargand. He killed Odin and is later killed by Odin’s son Vidarr.

Even though, Fenrir is considered as a villainous character in the Norse mythology because he was against the gods but if you look at the original story of Ragnarok then you will find that the treatment of Odin and other gods of the great wolf forced him to switch the side.

A huge number of wolves are mentioned in the Nordic mythology and they all are somehow related to Fenris the Wolf. The story of the wolf survives today through a Christianized lens so it is difficult to tell the original Norse beliefs.

Who’s in the cast of Viking Wolf?

Eli Rhiannon Mueller Osborne is starring in the main role of 17-year old girl Thale in the film and Liv Mjones (Midsommar) is starring as her mom Liv. Vidar Magnussen can be seen as Thale’s stepdad Arthur, Sjur Vatne Brean as Thale’s friend Jonas, and Mia Fosshaug Laubacher as Thale’s sis Jenny.

Where can I watch Viking Wolf?

The Norwegian thriller movie is exclusively streaming on Netflix (Pamela, A Love Story) for its subscribers since its world premiere on 3 Feb 2023. If you haven’t subsribed yet, you can look into those plans.

Netflix is currently offering four plans: a basic plan with ads for $6.99 per month, basic without ads is $9.99 per month, standard that allows 2 simlutaneous streams is available for $15.49 per month while the premium plan costs around $19.99 per month that allows four simultaneous streams.

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