Windfall 2022 Cast, Netflix Trailer, Filming Locations, Plot Details

Windfall is a 2022 Hitchcockian thriller drama film directed by Charlie McDowell(known for “The One I Love”) along with the screenplay written by Justin Lader, Andrew Kevin Walker, and Jason Segel. The Netflix film follows the story of an ordinary man who breaks into an empty vacation property of a tech billionaire but things turned upside down when the owner comes to visit the place along with his wife at the last minute. The film is scheduled to release on 18 March 2022 on the American streaming network Netflix.

Windfall 2022 Filming Locations

Produced by Lily Collins, Charlie McDowell, Duncan Montgomery, Alex Orlovsky, Jesse Plemons, Jason Segel, and Jack Selby under High Frequency Entertainment & Mutressa Movies, the movie was filmed inside Ojai, California.

Principal filming began on 4 March 2021, McDowell shared and thanked Netflix for allowing him to shoot the film within his hometown. The shooting wrapped up on 14 July 2021, according to Collins. Since the filming was done within the pandemic, all the cast members were quarantined before the beginning of production.

Windfall filming locations Netflix
Collins taking a selfie among cast and crew members of Netflix’s Windfall

Isiah Donté Lee handled the cinematography of the film while the music was composed by Danny Bensi and Saunder Jurriaans. Just after finishing this film, Lily Collins shared on her Instagram that the filming of Emily in Paris season 2 has wrapped up on 4 Aug 2021. She posted her photo on the set with her Emily in Paris crime partner Ashley Park.

Cast of Netflix’s Windfall

Only four people are announced for the crime thriller movie cast whereas the full cast of The Outfit has been recently revealed by director Dylan O’Brien.

  • Jason Segel as Nobody
  • Omar Levya as Gardener
  • Lily Collins as Wife of Nobody
  • Jesse Plemons as the CEO


An official trailer has been released by the streaming giant that features Jesse as the arrogant and abusive CEO, a traditional rich and white guy who doesn’t care about the opinions of his wife. The film takes place in a confined setting with some supporting cast members whose names aren’t yet revealed.


The story of Windfall follows a wealthy couple who confront a home intruder while checking their vacation house at the last moment. While the tech billionaire starts to behave rudely with the thief, his wife decides to keep an eye on both the ruckus creators. She doesn’t want to create any more commotion and wants to leave the place happily. However, the villain keeps on finding ways to steal the assets of CEO, even negotiating with him to make a deal of $150,000.

Do you think the angry CEO will spare even a single penny for such a thief like Mr. Nobody? Absolutely not, who the hell to ask for it? Why should anyone handle his/her hard earned money? But, things are going to change as the intruder is not an ordinary man like a passerby. Whatever happens, there will be lot of suspense and mystery like in Ben Affleck’s Deep Water which is about to premiere on Hulu.

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