Bosch Season 8 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot Announcement

Bosch Season 8 is one of the most demanded police procedural drama series on Amazon Prime. The TV series is created by Michael Connelly and developed by Eric Overmyer under Amazon Studios, Fabrik Entertainment, and Hieronymus Pictures while the original distribution rights are owned by Prime Video. Based on the novels written by Michael Connelly, the series follows an LAPD detective named Harry Bosch who stands on a trial for the fatal shooting of a serial murder suspect.

Will there be a Bosch Season 8?

Sadly, there will be no season 8 of Bosch because Season 7 was announced as the last season of the series. After that, no new season was confirmed by Prime Video. The reason behind the cancellation is that the story of Harry is now over and there is no way to continue the story from where season 7 left. So, it’s better to cancel the show.

Bosch season 8 release date

However, a spinoff series of Bosch titled Bosch Legacy is confirmed and will begin premiering on Amazon Freevee(previously IMDb TV) in May 2022. New episodes will be released on a weekly basis on the same streaming network.

Where to stream Bosch TV series?

All the seven seasons of Bosch are exclusively streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Users having a valid subscription can watch the series without any hassle. A spinoff series will start airing on the same network from 6 May 2022.


An official trailer has been released for the 2022 spinoff series highlighting Bosch meeting with an attorney and embarking on the next chapter of his career.

What will happen in Bosch Legacy?

Bosch is now making a living as a private investigator without any government pressure, he is now working for himself. After quitting his detective job at LAPD, he finds himself working with one time enemy Honey Chandler. On the flip side, his daughter seems to be trapped in the underworld of LAPD. How will he able to take her daughter out of the trouble he has been facing since he joined the department?

Does his daughter isn’t aware of her dad’s job? What was the main reason that inspired the girl to join Los Angeles Police? Is someone blackmailing her or she has joined the forces by herself. All your questions will be answered in the upcoming spinoff. Even though, this is not Bosch season 8 but nothing less than that. Only Murders in the building is another popular crime drama series available on Hulu.

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