Who Killed Jenni Rivera documentary Where to Watch?

Who Killed Jenni Rivera is a 2022 crime docuseries based on the mysterious death of an award winning Mexican singer Dolores Janney Rivera Saavedra in a 2012 plane crash. The biographical TV miniseries explores the journey of of Jenni to the stardom and the truth behind the accidental aeroplane crash. Was it really accidental or it was a pre-planned murder?

The series is produced by Cio Lorenzo, Raul Mateu, and Stephen Land for the NBCUniversal’s streaming network Peacock. It features the interviews with the friends, family, relatives, acquaintances, and the person who ever met with the Latin superstar.

What does the series cover?

It covers the locations of Miami, Monterry, Los Angeles, and Mexico city where Jenni was so popular. Moreover, the series is featuring the guests who were close to the Mexican music singer including Leila Cobo who is sharing their anecdotes in the series.

Who Killed Jenni Rivera where to watch documentary

The most discussed topic regarding the series is its take on the 2012 crash that had shaken the entire entertainment industry. Who Killed Jenni Rivera is the celebration of the life and an exploration of the mysterious death of Mexican singing sensation through raw footages and latest interviews with the closest allies of singer that can give the best info.

Who is in the cast of Who Killed Jenni Rivera?

The raw footages have been used in the series to show those professionals who are not between us today like the two pilots who died with the renowned actress and singer Jenni in the tragic plane crash.

  • Arturo Rivera Ruiz as public relations specialist
  • Mario Macias Pacheco as Lawyer
  • Jorge Armando Sanchez as hairdresser
  • Alessandro Torres Alvarez as Pilot #1
  • Miguel Perez Soto as Pilot #2
  • Jacob Yebale as makeup artist

Where can I watch Who Killed Jenni Rivera docuseries?

The crime documentary television series is exclusively streaming for Peacock premium subscribers right now. It has three episodes with an average running time of 60 minutes and all are available for streaming on Peacock since after it’s premiere on 6 Dec 2022.

A premium plan of PeacockTV costs only $4.99 per month that provides an access to all the Peacock originals like Barney documentary, Forensic Files, American Greed, Bel Air, Rutherford Falls, etc.

Is Who Killed Rivera Free?

Nopes, the biographical series is not available for streaming for Free because it is included in the premium section not in the ad supported section of Peacock.

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