Where was The Royal Nanny filmed? See Hallmark Cast and Plot Details

The holiday romance movie The Royal Nanny aired on Hallmark Channel in November 2022. It tells the story of a nanny hired to care for a young prince and princess.

It stars Rachel Skarsten, Dan Jeannotte, and Greta Scacchi in the lead role of Claire, Prince Colin, and Ms. Lansbury who are coming together to celebrate the the festival in the royal household.

Jonathan Wright has directed the movie from the scripts written by Brook Durham, produced by Agnes Bristow, Borga Dorter, and Hubert Toint under Leif Films Media Inc & Saga Film, and executive produced by Leif Bristow.

The story revolves around MI5 secret service agent Claire (played by Rachel Skarsten), who goes undercover to protect the royal family from a threat just before Christmas. Claire has to overcome challenges on her mission while trying not to fall for the charming Prince Colin (Dan Jeannotte).

Where was The Royal Nanny filmed?

The Royal Nanny was filmed inside Brussels, the capital city of Belgium during Sep 2022.

Principal filming began on 21 Aug 2022 and wrapped up on 20 Sep 2022 within the Belgian city, Dan shared on his official Instagram handle with the caption, “Thank You, Belgium.”

The Royal Nanny filming locations
Courtsey of Hallmark

Welcome to the filming locations of The Royal Nanny in Brussels.

The Royal Nanny Filming Locations

While the movie features establishing shots of London, all the Christmas market scenes were filmed in the Palace of Charles of Lorraine courtyard in downtown Brussels.

Entrance of the Palace of Charles of Lorraine
via Wikimedia Commons

Very near the Royal Palace, this 18th century museum complex served as the perfect holiday location.

The fictional B&A Primary School is actually the Domaine de Latour de Freins, a 19th century Flemish Renaissance-style chateau and park in Uccle. It’s the site where Ms. Lansbury trains Claire.

Domaine de Latour de Freins from main gate
via B 19 X (formerly Twitter)

The Frogmore House is filmed at a 1912 Beaux-Arts style mansion in the Ixelles area of Brussels, owned by a used car dealer.

The Royal Nanny Castle Location

Remember that picture-perfect Fairytale castle where Prince Colin resided?

The Royal Nanny Castle Location
via Wikimedia

Believe it or not, it’s not in England!

It’s the magnificent Ooidonk Castle, perched on the outskirts of Ghent. Imagine towers, turrets, and gardens straight out of a storybook – that’s Ooidonk!✨

Sitting on the grounds of an old 16th century fortress, this landmark was rebuilt into a Renaissance and Spanish-Flemish style residence.

Luxurious Interior of Ooidonk castle used in The Royal Nanny Hallmark movie
via Ooidonk.be

Both the exterior and interior scenes of the royal home were filmed at Ooidonk Castle.

You can actually stay in one of the castle’s beautiful rooms on Airbnb for about $300 per night, hosted by the real owners who live there!

Recently restored, this historic chateau surrounded by a moat is open for public tours April to September.

Behind the Scenes

Toussaint Meghie shared his shooting experience on Instagram. The actor has called the three weeks of filming wonderful and it was a great pleasure to work with such a talented and creative cast and crew.

Jeannotte also shared a pic of the Tintin mural painting located on the Comic Book Route. Brussels is the comic capital of Europe and the street comic art is quite famous there.

You will find a lot murals depicting the scene from various famous Belgian comics such as The Adventures of Tintin, Lucky Luke, Gaston, and The Smurfs throughout the city of Brussels.

Where is the The Royal Nanny castle located?

The Ooidonk Castle fictional fairytale castle is located

Even though, Canadian provinces are the first love of Hallmark directors, Belgium seems be the perfect location for this movie. Lights Camera Christmas, Fire Country, A Magical Christmas, We Need a Little Christmas, Heaven Down Here, etc are some movies that were shoot inside British Columbia.

The capital city of Belgium is also emerging as a popular shooting location among European filmmakers because of its friendly people and the celebration of music festivals. A fun fact is that the popular New York City of the United States was founded by a Belgian man Peter Minuit while searching for tradable goods.

The Royal Nanny Hallmark Cast

The Royal Nanny Hallmark cast
  • Rachel Skarsten as Claire
  • Greta Scacchi as Mrs. Lansbury
  • Katie Sheridan as Rose
  • Phoenix Laroche as Robert
  • Jarreth J. Merz as Price
  • Dan Jeannotte as Colin
  • Aurora Marion as Olivia
  • Barbara Hellemans as Amanda Young
  • Martin Swabey as Vance
  • Robbie Nock as Prince Edward
  • Isabelle Wilson as Elle
  • Jasper Box as James Wilder
  • Marcel Zadé as Michael Ford
  • Sabrina Lopez Leonard as Charity Kiosk Staff
  • Elodie Barthels as Paparazzi
  • Toussaint Meghie as Wallace

What is the story of The Royal Nanny?

The movie follows an MI5 officer, Claire who identifies a credible threat against the British monarchy and her next task is to find the culprit at the Kensington Palace. She will become the next royal nannny to safeguard the two young heirs of the throne but it’s easier said than done.

Claire is a novice when it comes to caretaking so she is preparing herself under the guidance of Ms Lansbury who is having 30 years of experience in training nannies for royal homes. Princess Rose is the future of the Kensington who is having two mischiveous kids: Elle and Robert.

Will she able to become the nanny for the two children who are infamous for scaring away nannies? On the other hand, Claire is secretly developing a love interest with Prince Colin but will she able to save the royal family from the shady plot?

The Royal Nanny is set to premiere on 12 Nov at 8 PM ET only on Hallmark Channel.

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