Where was Take Note TV Show filmed? Is it on Peacock?

Take Note is an American musical comedy series created by Joan Lambur, produced under Lambur Productions. It stars Braelyn Rankins, Nadine Roden, Aadin Church, and Sebastian Spencer in the lead roles. The series was ordered by Peacock just after NBC cancelled the Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist after two seasons.

It follows a group of contestants from across the countries who come together for competing in a reality singing competition. The sets featured in the series look amazing and realistic, let’s find out where was the show filmed at?

Where was Take Note TV Show filmed?

Take Note was primarily filmed at Niagara Falls, Ontario. The principal filming began in June 2021 and wrapped up on 7 Sep 2021 within the same province. Some photos also hinted that some shooting was also done in Los Angeles, California. Niagara Falls are the heritage of Ontario that connects the province to New York via rainbow bridge.

Ontario is recognized as the main filming location for various holiday movies as The Ashley Reeves Story, Maps and Mistletoe, Boyfriends of Christmas, New Halo Series, etc.

Take Note TV Series cast and plot

Who’s in the Take Note cast?

  • Christopher Seivright as Rudy Davis
  • Nadine Whiteman Roden as Drea Richards
  • Aadin Church as Reggie Richards
  • Braelyn Rankins as Calvin Richards
  • Ava Ro Ava Ro as Maya
  • Glenn Edward Gyorffy as Judge Moe
  • Sebastian Spencer as Jaxon Richards
  • Melissa Kadas as Ivy
  • Maddie Dixon-Poirier as Sydney
  • Mariella Larose as Tally
  • Vasili Prangikos as Miles
  • Mariah Campos as Ali Parkson
  • Will Coombs as Noah
  • Tre Carty as Ian
  • Steffi DiDomenicantonio as Vivian Stelgan
  • Angelica Alejandro as Ivy’s Nanny
  • Maia Jae Bastidas as Jenny
  • Jackie Richardson as Mable
  • Christina Dixon as Reporter
  • Jinny Wong as Worker
  • Ava Arrindell as Tween Girl #11
  • Emily Watt as Avery Siddle
  • Megan Kasiban asTween Girl #3

Where to watch Take Note TV series?

The series is a Peacock original and is streaming exclusively on the NBC’s Peacock network. There are a total of 10 episodes in this series and all of them are available to stream via same streaming network inside the United States.


The musical comedy series follows a 14-year old Calvin Richards who is passionate about his singing and in an attempt to make a career, he rushed to participate in his favorite reality show. There, he finds a group of contestants arriving from different regions to take part in the singing competition. Since, Calvin belongs to family who can survive anything until they are together, he is chosen as an eligible candidate to compete with others on the reality show.

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