The Ashley Reeves Story Lifetime Cast & Left For Dead Plot Details

Left For Dead: The Ashley Reeves Story is a Lifetime’s crime-thriller film directed Gloria Kim. The film follows the true story of a 17 years old school girl who stands to retaliate when attacked by an unknown assassin who left her for dead after wounding him badly. But the girl is saved by the police after 30 hours of the incident and is admitted to the hospital only for her slow recovery. It is the inspiring story of the girl who fight a long legal battle to get justice.

Cast of Left for Dead: The Ashley Reeves Story

The Ashley Reeves Story cast members include:

  • Anwen O’Driscoll as Ashley Reeves
  • David MacInnis as Hundelt
  • James Gallanders as Mike Reeves
  • Jennie Garth as Michelle Reeves
  • Sebastien Roberts as Steve Johnson
  • Benjamin Sutherland as Sam Shelton
  • Claudia Hamilton as Mia
  • Adrian Spencer as Danny
  • Sebastian Nigel Singh as Jacob
  • Seema Doad as Paramedic #1
  • Caroline Palmer as Aunt Cathy
  • Michael Gordin Shore as Sentencing Judge
  • Jefferson Brown as Sam’s Lawyer
  • Ricardo Betancourt as Stockett
  • Shantelle Canzanese as Female Reporter
  • Jordan Clark as Chloe
  • Carly Street as Nancy Brewer
  • Michael Ripley as School Superintendent
  • Darrin Maharaj as Reporter #1
  • Andrew Moodie as Dr. Edison
  • Shian Grace as Teenage Girl

Left For Dead Filming Locations

The Ashley Reeves story movie was filmed inside Hamilton, Ontario. According to sources, the filming began on 2 March 2021 and wrapped up on 26 March 2021 covering almost 3 weeks. Jennie Garth shared that the filming was done at The Scottish Rite Club of Hamilton. Some scenes were also shot outside Old Firehall Arts Centre located in the historic town of Ancaster in an abandoned church.

Ashley Reeves Story Lifetime cast

A Christmas Village Romance, Christmas CEO, Maps and Mistletoe were also filmed in Ontario.


The real life story of a 17-year old girl Ashley Reeves who survived a brutal attack by an unknown assassinator. She was fatally wounded as the killer left her for dead but she decides to not give up on her life and fight a legal battle to get justice. After 30 hours of darkness, police found the girl lying in the dirt who was left for dead by the criminal. Even though, she was saved but her recovery was too steady. Moreover, she remembered everything happened that day as a blurry memory because she doesn’t want to recall the thing.

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