Maps and Mistletoe Filming Locations | Lifetime Full Cast & Plot Details

Maps and Mistletoe is the latest Lifetime romantic film directed by Max McGuire and written by W. Stewart that follows a cartographer who is planning to return home on Christmas after completing her work but on the last moment, her boss asked for a favor one more time that might affect her trip. Will she able to make the progress within time frame or she has to sacrifice her holidays for the hard work? The snowy locations look awesome and lightning adds more charm to the scene.

Where was Maps and Mistletoe filmed?

Maps and Mistletoe Lifetime movie was filmed inside Ontario, Canada during March 2021. The original writer, W Stewart and director McGuire also shared the photos at the time of shooting between the pandemic. Most of the filming took place in Almonte where cast and crew members spend most of their time.

Some scenes were also filmed inside Ottawa that serves as the prominent filming location for most of the Christmas films like A Christmas Village Romance film location, Christmas CEO, Boyfriends of Christmas Past, Two For The Win, etc. Moreover, the people are well educated here who cooperate with the filming staff.

Maps and Mistletoe cast Lifetime


  • Eva Avila as Zoe
  • Allison Busner as Connie
  • Maggie Cassella as Officer Becker
  • Justine Christensen as Megan
  • Tedd Dillon as Postmaster
  • Humberly González as Emilia Martin
  • Timothy Mooney as Sam Perkins
  • Drew Moss as Tad
  • Joyce Rivera as Emilia’s Mother
  • Ronnie Rowe as Drew Campbell
  • Michael Gordin Shore as Horace Latimer
  • Xavier Sotelo as Emilia’s Father
  • Simon Webster as Matthew


The synopsis of Maps and Mistletoe reads: A cartographer Emilia Martin plans to spend her Christmas Holidays at her home but her enjoyment gets spoiled by her boss at the final moments. She is assigned to design a treasure map towards North Pole, this allows her to team up with an explorer named Drew Campbell who seems to be interested in working with her. Hopefully, the duo is able to exchange some chemistry with each other and finished the project within the time frame. Will this romance last forever or just fade away like winter holidays?

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