Where was Skinamarink filmed? See all Locations & Cast

Skinamarink is a newest Canadian experimental horror film directed and written by Kyle Edward Ball. Before making his directorial debut, Kyle ran a YouTube channel where he would post similar type of videos based on nightmares recounted by commenters.

Due to a technical issue, a copy of the movie was leaked online and went viral on social apps like Tiktok, Twitter, and Reddit to became the Internet’s New Cult Obsession. Moreover, the movie has received a lot of praise from the critics.

The film is produced by Dylan Pearce with Jonathan Barkan, Ava Karvonen, Josh Doke, and Edmon Rotea are as executive producers under Mutiny Pictures and ERO Picture Company.

Where was Skinamarink filmed?

Skinkamarink was filmed in the director’s childhood home inside Edmonton, Alberta, Canada during early 2022. It was shot in a tight budget of $15k when most of the money was collected through crowdfunding, minimal cast and crew were hired with Jamie McRae himself as the cinematographer.

Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta province of Canada situated on the North Saskatchewan River and is known as Gateway to the North. The capital city is the centre of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region surrounded by Alberta’s central region.

Where was Skinamarink filmed
Image via Shudder Trailer

A lot of props were borrowed from the Film and Video Arts Society of Alberta (FAVA), the society aims to provide aid to independent filmmakers. Director Kyle shared that he wrote the script while keepiing his childhood home in mind and during the shoot, he didn’t try to make it personal because it already was.

The film appears to be an old movie because dialogues were recorded on an old microphone and the setting is so much relatable with the 70s. The iconic cartoons shown in the movie gives a nostalgic feeling to the viewer and the toys featured in the movie belong to director.

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Who’s in the cast of Skinamarink?

  • Lucas Paul as Kevin
  • Ross Paul as Dad
  • Jaime Hill as Mom
  • Dali Rose Tetreault as Kaylee

Where to watch Skinamarink?

Skinamarink was premiered at Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal on 25 July 2022 and then, it was released in North America on 13 January 2023 under the distribution of IFC Midnight, Shudder, and BayView Entertainment.

Currently, the movie is not available to stream on any digital platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO MAX, Amazon Prime or Disney+ but it might be released on some VOD platform in the near future like Sisu movie on Netflix, that has been recently released in US cinemas. For now, if you want to watch Kyle Edwards movie, you need to book a ticket to your nearest US movie cinema where Skinkamarink movie is streaming.


The plot of the movie follows two children who wakes up in the middle of the night to find out that their is missing leaving no clue behind. Moreover, all the doors and windows have disappeared making a creepy environment all around the house. Something evil is also lurking in the dark.

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