Mind Your Manners Filming Locations, Full Netflix Cast Details

Mind Your Manners is the latest American reality TV series starring the international etiquette teacher Sara Jane Ho who is tutoring ordinary people to become their best selves with the help of adopting good manners.

The 2022 Netflix series has proved that the race of becoming perfect is endless and there is no limit to make yourself better with style and grace.

Jane Ho is ready to work with her six clients in the season 1 of the show to teach them how to handle the most common problems of everyday life in an intelligent way.

Where was Mind Your Manners filmed?

Mind Your Manners was filmed in Victoria & New South Wales inside Australia during Nov 2021. Filming began in November 2021 and concluded in Jan 2022 within the Australian states.

New South Wales is the most populous state of the continent located on the east coast of Australia bordering with Queensland and Victoria. The largest, capital and most populous city of the NSW is Sydney and even more than half of the city’s population lives in the Greater Sydney.

Mind Your Manners filming locations

Some sources reported that photography was also done in La Porte Space, a co-working space located at 87/103 Epsom Road in Sydney’s suburb namely Rosebery and SKYE Suits at Kent Street that provides studios for the shooting purposes.

For the shooting of third episode, Cleveland Street of Chippendale and Marrickville Road of Marrickville was used while Sydney Archery in North Bondi was utilized for the filming of fourth episode of the series. Chapel Street of South Yarra, Victoria was also utilized for filming purposes.

Some famous productions took place in Sydney are Three Thousand Years of Longing, Nine Perfect Strangers, Bondi Rescue, Thor: Love and Thunder, Jolly Good Christmas, etc.

Who’s in the cast of Mind Your Manners?

Mind Your Manners cast

Stephanie Jane Ho

Jane is serving as the host of Mind Your Manners series who is teaching good habits to her six clients. She has already appeared in 2018 documentary film Generation Wealth and is sharing tips on her own web series with the title The Sara Jane Ho Show.

Raishel Jones

Jones is a housewife and a caring mom who has come to the Netflix show to resume her dream job while taking care of her two daughters who are getting older.

William Termini

An introverted Cyber security engineer who is looking for a romantic partner. It seems that William needs to appear in some reality dating show like One That Got Away but the man wants to take tips from Jane Ho to find his life partner.

Illiana Nuñez McDonnell

Illiana was experiencing postpartum anxiety after giving birth to a cute baby girl in January 2021. Her girl was just nine months old at the time of filming and she attended the show to focus on her own goals while raising her kids, yes plural.

McDonnell shared in June 2022 that she is expecting the second child to arrive in November. Hopefully, the month is going on and a child will arrive soon. You can checkout her Instagram, she will probably share the news there.

Bunny Yan

As the name suggests, Yan arrived as an immigrant from China to the United States at the age of 12. She was born in China but now, she is feeling disconnected from her Chinese culture. To regain her confidence in making new fashion vlogs, the woman is knocking the door of Sara Ho.

Christy Aldred

Christy is a 50-year old businesswoman who is raising her nine year old daughter. Even though, there are no financial problems while she is making her appearance on Mind Your Manners show as her earrings are selling well. She is still in desperate need of self care to get back her enthusiasm.

Stephanie Osifo

Finally, we have a party girl who is also living closest to the filming location in Sydney. She wants to overcome from her past hurts and wants to become an inspiration for her younger siblings. As far as her profession is concerned, she is a disability support worker who is doing well without any craving of a life partner.

Mind Your Manners is now streaming on Netflix like King of Collectibles: The Goldin Auctions and The Ultimatum Queer Love.

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