Where was Sentinelle filmed? Netflix Movie Filming Locations, Cast, True Story, Film Review

Netflix Sentinelle has recently launched on Netflix that is a sad story of a French soldier Klara who is going to take revenge for her sister’s rape and assault from the highly powerful Russian oligarch, Leonod Kadinkov. This French film is directed and co-written by Julien Leclercq that brings tears to your eyes. Here’s everything you need to know about the filming locations, cast, and story of the Sentinelle movie.

Sentinelle Filming Locations

Netflix’s Sentinelle was filmed mostly in Brussels and Willebroek inside Belgium by Labyrinthe Films and Skynet Productions. However, some scenes were shot in France and Morocco. The filming was completed in 2 months starting from November 2019 and concluded in December 2019 covering around 42 days.

Inside Belgium, Brussels was the main location for shooting most of the scenes whereas some special scenes were featured from Willebroek like Dancing Carré. The shooting location in France is Nice near the Alpes-Maritimes while in Morocco, Casablanca was the featured location.


  • Olga Kurylenko as Klara
  • Marilyn Lima as Tania
  • Michel Nabokoff as Leonod Kadnikov
  • Andrey Gorlenko as Yvan Kadnikov
  • Temerlan Idigov as Idigov
  • Guillaume Duhesme as Lieutenant Colonel
  • Michel Biel as Aurélien
  • Martin Swabey
  • Carole Weyers
  • Blaise Afonso
  • Gabriel Almaer
  • Julian De Backer
  • Idris Ibragimov
  • Antonia Malinova

Sentinelle Netflix Review

The movie means that “Operation Sentinelle” means quiet responsibility and non-eventful, particularly as Klara follows her unit within the peaceable elements of France — it’s that peace the place her trauma stands out like a sore thumb; it’s too regular. The Netflix movie might be praised for understanding that angle for these coming back from abroad.

Once the French movie bases the story on PTSD, the true goal comes — after an evening out, Klara learns that her sister was brutally raped and has ended up in a coma. The police have their arms tied — the perpetrators have diplomatic passports, consulate villas and are extremely regarded as a result of their wealth and standing. Due to her combative abilities and marksmanship, Klara spends the remainder of the movie discovering a solution to search for revenge — it’s Taken however far grittier and extra somber, and provides to the rape-revenge movie catalog.

Olga Kurylenko does nicely to carry Sentinelle as her personal as there’s barely a supporting character — the actor flagrantly took on this mission so she will be able to shine in her personal gentle. She embraces the motion set-pieces, performs a struggling soldier nicely, and sells the character. There isn’t a lot of dialogue, however, Olga expresses Klara’s emotions successfully — the viewers understand she’s in ache.

Sentinelle netflix review

There’s an odd sense of irony that “Operation Sentinelle” was not slicing it for her; that it doesn’t appease her function — the rape of her sister offers the lead character that function, and I’m not positive if that was the angle Julien Leclercq was on the lookout for. Audiences will benefit from the one-track thoughts strategy for revenge.

Leclercq lastly seems to be let free as we close to the tip, however, what must be a pulsating climax is a moist squib, regardless of Kurylenko’s greatest makes an attempt to take advantage of out of slim materials. There’s one last fake-out, which serves solely to arrange a pointless epilogue and an (impossible) sequel, earlier than Sentinelle ends and already begins to be forgotten about.

Sentinelle is currently streaming on Netflix since its release on the 5th of March 2021.

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