Where was Ride the Eagle filmed? Film Location and Review

Ride The Eagle is an American comedy movie directed and written by Trent O’Donnell along with Jake Johnson who wrote some screenplay. The film is full of humor about a son Leif who is trying to reconnect with his estranged mother Honey after her passing. It stars Jake Johnson as Leif, D’Arcy Carden as Audrey, JK Simons as Carl, and Susan Sarandon as Honey. The places featured in the film are really great, let’s find out the location where was it filmed?

Ride the Eagle Filming Locations

Ride the Eagle was filmed in picturesque Yosemite cabin, Mariposa country, CA and New York according to SlashFilm. The filming took place during COVID-19 pandemic when all people were staying home and practicing social distancing. Jake and Trent reveal in a interview to EW that their goals was to feel the movie like a travel show so that people who are sitting home can enjoy the beautiful places outside.

Ride The Eagle filming locations


The movie is good with Jake Johnson as the leading character that showed us it is possible to make a feature film in the struggling period of COVID-19 but not that much good as we were expecting. The film opens with Leif who heard a bad news that his mother has passed away. This not only shocked him but also breaks his heart as he abandoned her when he turned 12 to join a cult. Now, he has to do some last rituals to take over her mother’s property at Yosemite but he has to perform a list of tasks that has been recorded in a video cassette.

Ride the Eagle is actually a nice film that shows us reality with humor and there are some places where it looks pointless when cast members are trying hard to make the scene work. The ending can be more pleasing and informative but anyhow the filming was done under the pandemic. So, you can derive some fun there because due to pandemic, it was not possible to test each crew member for the same frame.

Ride The Eagle 2021 movie is now streaming in US cinemas since 30 July and available to rent on iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, YouTube TV, and Vudu.

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