Pumpkin Everything Filming Locations, Hallmark Cast and Plot Details

Pumpkin Everything is the latest Hallmark romance comedy film directed by Jeff Beesley from the screenplay of Paul Ditty.

The movie is based on the book of the same name by Beth Labonte and stars Taylor Cole in the lead role of Amy, the novelist who leaves her hometown in search of a better place to live but return in hurry due to an emergency.

Surprisingly, the production studios is having the same name as the movie with The Cartel Pictures, and Untitled Entertainment.

Where was Pumpkin Everything Filmed?

The Hallmark romantic movie was filmed in and around Winnipeg and Morden city of Manitoba province inside Canada. Principal filming began on 27 June 2022 and wrapped up around 15 July 2022 covering almost 2 weeks.

Winnipeg is the capital and largest city of Manitoba that is surrounded by beautiful rivers and artistic landscapes. The movie shows how Amy shifts to a metropolitan city to open for new opportunities, Winnipeg is that big city.

Pumpkin Everything cast and filming locations

Even though, most of the scenes were done indoors, there are some scenes that were shot on the city roads. There was a ton of trees and Pumpkins on set to make the film more lively.

A crew member shared that the movie was planned to film entirely in Morden City but that didn’t work out because of some schedule issues and only some scenes were filmed in the Morden. The Pumpkin-themed shop and Amy’s hometown is located at the same location.

The most difficult scene of the Hallmark film was the one where Cole and Sevier pickup the giant pumpkin and load into the truck. That scene was so difficult that it prompted the team to rewrite the scripts.

After the rewrite, the huge pumpkin become lighter and Cole will be just tossing around pumpkins but that was supposed to be weighty So, the team cut out the pumpkin and shove with some shirts to make it hefty.

The people who got the chance to be in the film as crowd shared their gratitude towards the crew and thanks them for the wonderful experience. Even a woman who is playing the role of extra in the movie told that she was excited that her parent’s farm would be utilized for the filming purposes but that didn’t work out.

Some recently filmed Hallmark movies in Canada are Mid-Love Crisis, Hello Everything Goodbye in Between, Fly Away With Me, Sweet Autumn, Girlfriendship, Falling For You, etc.

Pumpkin Everything Cast

Taylor Cole is starring in the main role of Amy, Corey Sevier as her old romance, and Michael Ironside as Tom or her grandfather. Other cast members of Pumpkin Everything movie are as follows:

  • Paul Essiembre as Luke
  • Ciera Fredborg as Bookstore Manager
  • Brenda Gorlick as Maggie
  • Rachael McLaren as Nurse
  • Amy Groening as Carla
  • Jay Koensgen as Driver
  • Susan Loewen as Cindy Bloomfield
  • Hazel Wallace as Avid Fan
  • Paula Boudreau as Lillian
  • Dutchess Cayetano as Barista


A sneak peek for Pumpkin Everything Hallmark movie has been released by the official network that shows Amy and Kit talking to each other about the future.

Pumpkin Everything Synopsis

The film is about a small town girl named Amy who leaves her home to explore new opportunities and find a better place to stay in the big city but her destiny has some other plans.

As soon as she leaves, she receives an emergency call that her grandfather Tom got into a car accident and broke his wrist.

Pumpkin Everything Hallmark synopsis

Now, Amy has to revisit her hometown to take care of her grandpa until he becomes fit and fine. To her surprise, she also got the chance to meet her childhood best friend who make her realize that miracles can be happen even in a small town.

On the other hand, Tom wants to handover the pumpkin store to Amy but the young woman is not passionate about it. Will Kit motivate her to work together or there will be no scarecrow crafting?

Pumpkin Everything movie is set to premiere on 9 Oct 2022 at 6/5c, 13 Oct at 8/7c, 15 Oct at 2/1c, 19 Oct at 6/5c only on Hallmark Channel.

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