Where was Night Train filmed? See Locations, Cast, Review

Hulu released the much anticipated thriller film The Night Train on 7 July 2023 and received mixed reviews from the critics making fans curious about the filming locations of the movie.

The action movie stars Danielle C Ryan in the main role of Holly McCord, a single mother looking for a high-paying job to take care of her son and make a living even if she has to knock the door of black market.

Directed by Shane Stanley from the scripts of CJ Walley, this high-octane action thriller is influenced by the 70s and 80s films like Smokeu and Bandit. The film was released in US cinemas on 17 Jan 2023 and now, it has started streaming on HULU.

Night Train Filming Locations

90% of the Night Train was filmed in Palm Springs and Las Vegas during fall 2021. IMDb has mentioned that the princiapl filming began on 20 Sep 2021 and wrapped on 19 December 2021.

Night Train 2023 movie was filmed in Palm Springs and Las Vegas
via Saban Films

Director Shane said, she love making dirt movies while giving a message to young filmmakers and talked about her journey that she have built a career out of low-budget and high-output films.

She emphasized the importance of building relationships with cast, crew, small business owners, and restaureneurs as they can provide some great locations for filming and makes you aware of the places that you haven’t even heard of but are really good for shooting purposes.

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Director revealed that the filming was difficult as there were only few crew members that were available, thanks to COVID breakout and a record-breaking heatwave. Levi Vincent from the Greater Palm Spring Office connected her to Palm Springs Area that includes Coachella Valley, Desert Hot Springs, Cathedral City, Llano, El Mirage, and La Quinta.

Danielle C Ryan as Holly in Night Train movie
via Saban Films

“It was the best shooting experience in 35 years of producing films as there was no bad day on the set”, Stanley said in a recent interview. She also talked about the heavy storms that are continously blowing in Palm Springs and about Levi who always has a Plan B ready in case the weather took an ugly turn. However, nothing bad happened during the shooting and that’s why, this was the best experience she ever had.

Who’s in the cast of Night Train?

Danielle C Ryan is starring in the main role of Holly in the Night Train movie along with the other cast members as follows:

  • Reggie Austin as Commercial Director
  • Brent Bailey as Trucker in Bar
  • Val Barri as Carol
  • Abraham Benrubi as Mr. Maxwell
  • Nayeli Esparza as F.B.I. Agent
  • Diora Baird as Jaylynne Jackson
  • Andrew Cahn as SWAT Officer #2
  • Sean Dillingham as Barman
  • Shelly Fuentes as Vegas Girl #1
  • Kevin Joy as Zack Harper
  • Mario Garcia as Sheriff
  • Lizette De La Rosa as Nurse
  • Paul Haapaniemi as Renzo Romeo
  • Sinead Jenkins as Vegas girl #4 (as Sinead)
  • Galadriel Stineman as Commercial actress
  • Joe Lando as Chuck McCord
  • Christine Liao as Connolly’s Assistant
  • Thomas Nelson as Shelby
  • Angie Millan as FBI Assistant
  • Jonathan Miller as Renzo’s Point Man
  • Willie Mullins as SWAT Officer #1
  • Jerel Natividad as JBM Racer #2
  • Joseph D. Reitman as Tommy Talbot
  • Joel Layogan as Maxwell’s Point Man
  • James Richardson as Commercial Security
  • Cody Preston Troxell as Doc Man #1
  • Garrett Sand as Swat Captain
  • Ivan Sergei as Agent Connolly
  • Tianna Tuamoheloa as Vegas Girl #3
  • Carly Diamond Stone as Vegas Girl #2
  • Alon Simone as Guy in Motel
  • Mike Tornino as JBM Racer #1
  • Jillian Tremaine as Sparky
  • Levi Vincent as Airport Manager
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Night Train Review

Critics are heavily criticizing the movie that results into a 3.2 IMDb rating. The reason behind such a low rating is because the movie lacks action that we all have been craving for but we don’t find anything bad at all.

It would be mean to expect the Fast and Furious quality in a tight budget film. There are so many bad reviews and that’s because people just care about the trashy, nonsense, scripted scenes that looks unnatural.

We must say, Night Train is a decent Indie film that definitely deserves a watch. You can make your judgement after watching the Night Train movie but as per our observation, the film has a basic story that is compelling enough, not that boring that people are saying.

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