Where was Naomi filmed? DC Series Cast & Plot Details

Naomi is a 2022 superhero TV series developed by Ava DuVernay based on the DC comic book of the same title written by Brian Michael Bendisand with David F. Walker and illustrated by Jamal Campbell. The film sets in a small town of Pacific Northwest where a teenage girl discovers that she has some hidden superpowers while investigating in her hometown to her existence. New episodes are premiering on Tuesdays since 11 Jan on The CW Network.

Naomi Filming Locations

Principal filming of Naomi took place in Atlanta, Georgia. The principal filming for the first season of Naomi began on 24 Aug 2021. Previously, it was reported that the pilot episode was in the production in April 2021 and in May 2021, the show received a full series order, Ava shared.

Decatur Square, Kennesaw, Downtown Decatur were also featured in the series as per some reports. Atlanta serves as the popular shooting location for various superhero movies as Single Black Female, Table Wars, Ozark, Loki, etc.

Naomi TV Series CW Cast


  • Stephanie March as Akira
  • Brian Brightman as Commander Steel
  • Kevin Brown as Teacher
  • Jonathan D. Williams as Principal Brooks
  • Savanah Shanks as High School Student
  • Alexander Wraith as Dee
  • Barry Watson as Greg
  • Kaci Walfall as Naomi McDuffie
  • Isabelle Ramer as High School Student
  • Cranston Johnson as Zumbado
  • Mary-Charles Jones as Annabelle
  • Carson Holmes as Drew
  • Mouzam Makkar as Jennifer McDuffie
  • Camila Moreno as Lourdes
  • Sage Shirley as Student
  • Kenneth Trujillo as Mr. Villareal
  • Alex D. Jennings as Football Player
  • Claire Lanay as Mila
  • Samantha LaCroix as another Teacher
  • Korinny Sanchez as Colleen
  • Daniel Salyers as Bryce
  • Cedrick Cooper as Duane
  • Steven McCormack as Military Mercenary
  • Kate Riddle as Teacher
  • Spiral Jackson as Dwayne
  • Denise Graham as Port Oswego Lifer
  • Melanie Jeffcoat as Counselor Susan
  • Grayson Brooks as High School Student
  • Donovan DeWitt as Coding High School Kid
  • James Pilsung as High School Student
  • Charles L. Smith II as Derrick
  • Susan Gallagher as Mrs. Anderson
  • Jef Holbrook as Counselor Brent
  • Zuri James as Lieutenant
  • Brittany Guess as CO Tour Guide
  • Brett Newton as Counselor Jeff
  • Penn Miller as Hobbit
  • Robert Tinsley as Military Officer
  • Owen Harn
  • Daniel Puig
  • Aidan Gemme
  • Will Meyers


The teen superhero TV series follows Naomi, a teenage girl who sets out to uncover her origins when a supernatural event happened in her northwestern town. She decides to challenge everything to rediscover her true identity and eventually becomes a superhero girl who sets herself on a journey to save the world with Superman.

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