Single Black Female Lifetime Cast, Filming Locations, Synopsis

Single Black Female is a Lifetime thriller film directed by Shari Carpenter and written by Tessa Evelyn Scott with Sa’Rah L Jones. The movie follows a struggling and suffering woman, Monica who is facing the agony after two major incidents happened in her life so frequently. One is the demise of her beloved father while the other one is her breakup with long term boyfriend. Anyhow, she is doing a regular job at a talk show to move the needle and meet her expenses.

Where was Single Black Female Lifetime filmed?

Lifetime’s Single Black Female was filmed inside Atlanta, Georgia. The filming began on 13 Sep 2021 and officially wrapped up on 6 Oct 2021 according to Atlanta Journal and the posts shared by director Shari on her Instagram.

Atlanta is becoming a popular shooting place due to its rich cultural heritage, old museums, shopping malls, and Pinewood Atlanta Studios that was used a major location for the production of Loki, HGTV’s Table Wars, Vacation Friends, etc. also shoot inside Atlanta.

Single Black Female Cast

There is a very little information available regarding the cast members of this lifetime movie. Raven Goodwin is starring as Monica, Amber Riley as Simone, and K. Michelle also starring but her character is not known yet. Whenever more info will become available it will be updated here.

Single Black Female Lifetime cast

Official Trailer

An official trailer has been released on Lifetime’s YouTube channel showing Monica’s ex-boyfriend is having a relationship with her new friend Simone. Her ex is dating none other than Simone, and this seems to be the dark secret of her that the most anticipated Lifetime movie was carrying. How will Monica been able to manage all this love stuff? K Michelle is also seen advising Monica about single black female problem.


Monica(Raven Goodwin) decides to join a daytime talk show in order to fill the voids and wounds of her empty life. The pain of suffering is immense as the woman has just lost her loving father and experiencing breakup from her boyfriend. Anyhow, she manages to move on in her life and hires an assistant named Simone(Amber Riley) who befriends her within a short span of time and even ended up as next door neighbor.

It seems that Simone’s life is getting back on the track after the arrival of Simone but who knows she was an evil in disguise who wants another things. The true colors of Simone starts to show off after sometime and the mask of friendship falls off. How will our Monica face her assistant now? Will she manage to teach her a lesson or this is the time for another agony for Monica?

Lifetime SBF film is set to premiere on Feb 5, 2022 at 8 PM ET and 7 PM CT only on Lifetime Channel.

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