Where is Nantucket Noel Filmed? Hallmark Cast & Plot

Nantucket Noel is a new holiday romance comedy movie directed by Kirsten Hansen, written by Kirsten Hanse and Erin Rodman. The story is based on a novel named Let It Snow by Nancy Thayer which follows a women who inherits her family toy store after her mother passes away. While fighting with her past memories with mom, she has to deal with various new daily problems. One day, a confident realtor Andy visits his paternal home in Nantucket for Christmas along with his younger daughter and meets the toy store owner, Christina to change her life forever.

Here’s the movie premiering schedule till its first airing to final airing on Christmas. The movie premiered on 20 Nov at 6 PM EDT at first. Then, it will air on 24 Nov 2021 at 10 PM ET, 2 Dec at 6 PM, 5 Dec at 12 PM, 8 Dec at 8 AM, and finally 25 Dec at 2 AM EDT inside the United States. You can always watch the movie on the official website of Hallmark so don’t worry if you have missed the schedule.

Where was Nantucket Noel Hallmark movie Filmed?

Nantucket Noel was filmed at various locations inside British Columbia, Canada featuring Sunshine Coast, 647 school road. The principal photography began on 10 Sep 2021 and wrapped up on 4 October 2021 covering almost three weeks as per an interview with Donovan.

Sunshine Coast region is situated in the south-west region of BC. Gibsons is a small town that invites tourists crowds from all over the Canada and also suitable place to be disguised as Nantucket. The crew investigated the surrounding areas of the town in search of finding an ideal place to start shooting and their hard work pays off finally.

Other productions done at the same location are Netflix’s Maid, Hallmark’s A Christmas Together with you, Once Upon a Holiday, Cruel Summer 2, The Christmas Shepherd, etc.

Nantucket Noel Cast

Nantucket Noel Hallmark cast
  • Sarah Powers as Christina
  • Payton Lepinski as Wink
  • Daniel Bacon as Jacob
  • Fiona Vroom as Harriet
  • Bruce Dawson as Oscar
  • Heather-Claire Nortey as Mimi
  • Candice Hunter as Janice
  • Ava Kelders as Dora
  • Sophia Johnson as Lauren
  • Cameron McDonald as Manny
  • Piper Dacosta as Young Christina
  • Kharytia Bilash as Abby
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