Hallmark’s A Christmas Together With You Filming Locations & Cast Details

A Christmas Together With You is the latest Holiday Hallmark film directed by Kevin Fair starring Harry Lennix, Laura Vandervoort, and Niall Matter in the leading cast. The movie premiered on Sat, Nov 20 at 8 PM EDT inside the United States only on Hallmark Channel and its official website. Frank and Megan looks adorable while go on a wild trip to spend their Christmas Holidays and winter celebrations but where was the movie filmed? Which places have been featured in the new Hallmark movie that was filmed under the title of Christmas Alone Together? Let’s find out.

Where is A Christmas Together With You filmed?

A Christmas Together With You Hallmark movie was filmed inside Okanagan and Vernon region of British Columbia, Canada. The filming began in early August 2021 when Laura shared a photo on her Instagram in the middle of shooting and wrapped up within 4-5 weeks just like any traditional Hallmark productions. According to FR24 News, the entire filming was done in Aug 2021.

Most of the filming took place in Okanagan country including Spirit Lodge at Silverstar in the North Okanagan. The place is known for its pine forests, long ski resorts, wineries, and other winter rides. In downtown Vernon, The Roxy Cafe, Towne Cinema, KALECO Sustainable Lifestyle, The Vibe Artisan Gallery is shown in the film.

Hallmark Movie Cast

  • Laura Vandervoort as Megan
  • Niall Matter Niall Matte as Steve
  • Harry Lennix Harry Lennix as Frank
  • Michele Scarabelli as Alice Swanson
  • Adil Zaidi as Kyle
  • Liza Huget as Claire
  • Corey Woods as Gretchen
  • Jim Ewens as Tom
  • Julian LeBlanc as Jody
  • Dax Dax as Max the dog

About A Christmas Together With You

The Hallmark film follows two close friends, Frank and Megan who are always there for each other in every harsh condition. One day, Frank finds a photo of his first love named Claire and Megan sees that too. So, Megan convince him to go on a road trip to meet the love of his life.

A Christmas together with you hallmark movie plot

Frank seems reluctant at first but on thinking about that will help his friend to get over with her recently broken engagement, she accepts the deal of Megan. Then, the real journey begins of the two close friends. Will they able to meet Claire in the story?

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