Where was Mr Harrigans Phone filmed? Filming Locations, Cast, Trailer, Synopsis, Review

Mr Harrigans Phone is a 2022 horror film directed and written by John Lee Hancock and is based on a short story by Stephen King.

It stars Donald Sutherland in the lead role of Mr. Harrigan, a spirit who has awaken from his grave just to avenge his young friend.

The film is produced by Ryan Murphy(American Horror Story), Jason Burn, and Carla Hacksen under Ryan Murphy Productions Blumhouse Productions for Netflix.

Where was Mr Harrigans Phone filmed?

Mr Harrigans Phone sets in a fictional town of Maine but the movie was actually filmed in the US state of Connecticut during fall 2021. Principal filming began on 20 Oct 2021 and concluded on 22 Dec 2021 covering almost two months.

Fairfield Country, CT

Most of the shooting took place in Fairfield Country. The scene where Craig goes to purchase an iPhone for elderly Mr. Harrigan was filmed at Washington Street in South Norwalk just on the shores of Long Island. It was an abandoned store which was restored by the crew members into a lively smartphone store.

Mr Harrigans phone filming locations

The Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Museum located at Matthews Park at 295, West Avenue has been featured in the film as Mr Harrigan’s mysterious mansion. The huge collection of things with book-lined wall surfaces can be clearly seen in various scenes of Mr Harrigans Phone movie.

After that, the crew shifted to the beach town of Fairfield and filmed the church scenes at the Old Academy building on the Town Hall Campus, First Church Congregational at 148 Beach Road, Fairfield Country.

Middlesex Country, CT

The Mr Harrigans Phone production team shot some scenes around the Campground and Quarry Historic Park inside Portland. If you are a resident then you can spot the scenes that were filmed there because all scenes were natural, no special setup was created for that region.

Mr Harrigans Phone cast

Litchfield Country, CT

The ending scenes were shot inside Litchfield community on the West River Road. A temporary setup was created around the community without harming the natural beauty of the place just like the crew took precautions while working at the West Avenue museum.

Various horror films like The House of the Devil, Orphan, Friday The 13th, The Innkeepers, The Conjuring, and even cult classic Beetlejuice 2 was filmed in Connecticut.

Who’s in the cast of Mr Harrigans Phone?

  • Donald Sutherland as Mr. Harrigan
  • Jaeden Martell as Craig
  • Kirby Howell-Baptiste as Ms. Hart
  • Joe Tippett as Craig’s Dad
  • Cyrus Arnold as Kenny Yankovich
  • Iván Amaro Bullón as Sheriff Deputy
  • Thomas Francis Murphy as Pete
  • Josie Axelson as Popular High School Student #7
  • Colin O’Brien as Young Craig
  • Chelsea Yakura-Kurtz as Craig’s Mom
  • Hilary Duncanson as Judge
  • Sophia Correnti as Popular Student
  • Daniel Hirsh as Funeral Goer
  • Myrna Cabello as Receptionist
  • Alexa Niziak as Margie (as Alexa Shae Niziak)
  • Michael Alan Collette as EMT
  • Gregory Jensen as Wallstreet #1
  • Lauren Yaffe as Mourner
  • Peggy J. Scott as Edna Grogan
  • Leah Evelynn Hummel as High School Student #5
  • Kendra Middleton as High School Student #3
  • Polly Kreisman as Professor
  • Ricardy Fabre as Fiancee
  • Joseph Paul Kennedy as Jack
  • Olivia Twarowski as High School Student #6
  • Thalia Torio as Regina
  • Bennett Saltzman as Billy
  • Marie-Kaniyah Porter as Middle School Student
  • Aven Campau as Popular Student
  • Marissa Kennedy as Popular High School Student
  • Evelyn Twarowski as High School Student #8 / Church Kid
  • Jackie Vila as High School Student #4
  • Jude Michael Rodricks as Kid at church service
  • Chandler Hill as Mourner
  • Dale Duko as Felix
  • Isabella Salant as High School Student #2
  • Carl Zohan as Funeral Goer
  • Jordan Macie as College Student
  • Lucy J Kassel as High School Student #1


Craig is a young boy living in the small town of Maine. He has no school friends and that’s why he often gets ignored by his classmates. But one day, he meets Mr. Harrigan, a billionaire who is having similar interests as the kid.

Both become good friends and form a bond but the happiness doesn’t last so long when the man passes away, the boy wonders that with whom he will stay.

The boy cries as the old man dies but find an iPhone on the man’s grave. Then, the boy try to call the number Mr Harrigan have on his grave and shock with the try that his spirit reply from Mr Harrigans Phone.

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